The Angry Astronomer takes on common Big Bang myths.

While I was busy writing nonsensical posts during the ‘thon, the SEB regular known as the Angry Astronomer was busy working on more productive works on his own blog. Particularly a good entry where he takes on some common misconceptions about the Big Bang. Here’s a small taste:

2) The Big Bang theory doesn’t explain what caused it

This is another big one I see a lot. If the Big Bang was the beginning, then what could have caused the Big Bang? You’ll notice my paraphrase above didn’t include anything about this. Pretty big hole eh?

Not really. The Big Bang theory doesn’t say anything about what caused it because, well, it doesn’t need to. Theories don’t try to explain everything, just what evidence is available and pertinent. Asking the Big Bang (and Evolution) to do more than this is a double standard. After all, the theory of Gravity doesn’t explain where mass came from. The Germ theory of disease transmission doesn’t explain where germs came from. Electro-magnetic theories don’t explain where charge comes from. Atomic theory doesn’t state where atoms come from.

So while it might seem like a piece of the puzzle is missing, as far as this single theory is concerned, it’s not really important. The origin of all these other pieces requires separate theories, with their own evidence, which are being worked on, but often times, are still in their infancy (ie, brane theory to explain the precursors to the Big Bang, Abiogenesis to explain the first life… )

Note that that isn’t even the full text of that particular point so be sure to go read the whole thing. I’ve been following AA for awhile now and he’s got a nice little blog going so be sure to check out his other entries as well. Good stuff.

14 thoughts on “The Angry Astronomer takes on common Big Bang myths.

  1. What caused it?

    Did the “last” universe just loose it’s momentum, reverse it’s direction and come back on itself like a bouncing ball?

    If so, the universe may be ALOT older than we think.

    Even still, where DID the universe come from? What is this giant void se call the universe occupying. If a “God” did create it, what is this “God” living in? What did this “God” live in before he/she/it created our universe?

    Mind melting stuff… ohh

  2. Hey. Well what about this theory at the beginning there was nothing in a other time in a period of before the big bang. So the clock was ticking and i think a creator could have intervened in a other time in a limit of space . he has no boundary conditions but to create something that he can only create. it must have had a effect and a cause. so the creator could have caused quantum singularities. big quantums and small quantums than it evolve into energy and matter and energy and matter evolve into our universe. but then the creator stepped away cause it was so big nature creation, so he can’t notice our existence therefore it can’t never show his face to us. thats my theory . what do you guys think . many people say that energy and matter couldn’t be creator but it could have evolve from the quantums singularities that the creator could have created. what do you guys think.

  3. Silly elwed.  God was there all along- He’s the Uncreated Creator, the Uncaused Cause, the Union Ion.  Why?  Just cuz.  Besides, there are all those turtles.

  4. I think that people who can’t be bothered to punctuate and capitalize properly are rarely my go-to people for physics.

  5. if someone ask me who created the creator before the big bang event than i can ask him , but who created the natural causes witch caused the big bang .

  6. I sort of agree but right now its the best explanation by far. If you have a better and more credible theory, please tell us.

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