That’s a wrap! Blogathon 2006 is officially over.

And I managed to survive it a second time. Which is pretty good considering that it’s been three years since I did my last one. I think I managed to keep the content pretty high this time out. I am definitely one tired puppy right now, though. Here’s the last pic I managed to snap off the webcam just before I typed this up.

Yep, as soon as the Blogathon was done I fell asleep and I’m now typing this while sitting in my chair unconscious. That’s how dedicated I am to you people and this event! You’ll note that I managed to lose my shirt at some point during the night, but I’ve tastefully kept my naked boobies out of the picture lest I offend some lady’s 13-year-old son or something.

Now I’m going to sleep walk my ass to bed and get some serious shut eye. G’Nite!

10 thoughts on “That’s a wrap! Blogathon 2006 is officially over.

  1. Way to go, d00d!  Congratulations!!  Those of us who are even older, and unable to stay up 24 hours, salute you whippersnappers. wink

  2. Quick! Somebody sneak into his bedroom and put beans in his nose. We’ll tell him he did it himself in the early morning hours to keep awake.

    Or Jelly Babies, yeah, Jelly Babies.

  3. Brock- Jelly babies are quite knobbly, what with the head and feet and every thing. And covered in a very fine sugar (?icing). And about the size of the last thumb joint.  He couldn’t sleep through that.

    Well done Les. Now for 24 hours of disorientation as you have jet lag with out travelling.

  4. Thank you everyone. I’ve been awake since 4PM, but this is the first I’ve come downstairs to check my email. I ended up with a bit of a migraine this afternoon so I spent most of the time laying around feeling like my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head. It’s not completely gone yet, but it’s better than it was.

    I’ll be heading back to bed shortly. Gotta work in the morning.

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