Need suggestions on webcam software.

OK gang, I’m looking for your input on a good webcam software to use during the upcoming Blogathon. Not sure if there’s something that’ll allow groups of people to join in or that would upload pics to the SEB server or stream the video properly or what. Mainly because this is the first time I’ve ever played around with a webcam. I can say that the included software is fine for one-on-one uses, but doesn’t appear to have any group or streaming capabilities.

So if you’ve messed around with webcams quite a bit and have some suggestions I’d love to hear them.

4 thoughts on “Need suggestions on webcam software.

  1. I have used webcam32 for a few years now.  Not too many software updates in those years, but still covers all the bases.  Compatible with all browsers, allows multiple cameras, uploads snapshots at intervals, or streams through a java applet.  http or ftp.

    Check it out at

  2. Try They provide independant reviews for all kinds of software and they are generally pretty damn good.

  3. back in my PC days I too used Webcam32. It is easy to set up and use. I think it worked better than the other software available at the time. Though there might be something better now.

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