Sign of the Apocalypse: Republican says we need the Democrats in control.

Now this is interesting: Former Republican Congressman and Presidential candidate Pete McCloskey has written a letter advocating people vote the Democrats into control of Congress:

I have found it difficult in the past several weeks to reach a conclusion as to what a citizen should do with respect to this fall’s forthcoming congressional elections.

I am a Republican, intend to remain a Republican, and am descended from three generations of California Republicans, active in Merced and San Bernardino Counties as well as in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have just engaged in an unsuccessful effort to defeat the Republican Chairman of the House Resources Committee, Richard Pombo, in the 11th Congressional District Republican primary, obtaining just over 32% of the Republican vote against Pombo’s 62%.

The observation of Mr. Pombo’s political consultant, Wayne Johnson, that I have been mired in the obsolete values of the 1970s, honesty, good ethics and balanced budgets, all rejected by today’s modern Republicans, is only too accurate.

It has been difficult, nevertheless, to conclude as I have, that the Republican House leadership has been so unalterably corrupted by power and money that reasonable Republicans should support Democrats against DeLay-type Republican incumbents in 2006. Let me try to explain why.

I have decided to endorse Jerry McNerney and every other honorable Democrat now challenging those Republican incumbents who have acted to protect former Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who have flatly reneged on their Contract With America promise in 1994 to restore high standards of ethical behavior in the House and who have combined to prevent investigation of the Cunningham and Abramoff/Pombo/DeLay scandals. These Republican incumbents have brought shame on the House, and have created a wide-spread view in the public at large that Republicans are more interested in obtaining campaign contributions from corporate lobbyists than they are in legislating in the public interest.

It goes on from there and makes a pretty good argument. I’m assuming McCloskey must be one of the old-school Republicans that DOF is always making comments about. Glad to see one of them standing up to the NeoCons in his party. It must have been pretty difficult to write a letter like that and he’s earned my respect for doing so.

2 thoughts on “Sign of the Apocalypse: Republican says we need the Democrats in control.

  1. What an interesting guy – I will have to find out more about him.  No doubt the Republicans are already calling him a traitor since Democrats hate America.

    It isn’t a matter of intelligence.  I know some really smart people who are Bush supporters.  But why???

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