Part 2: My best friend went to London and all I got was…

… a bag of the Fourth Doctor’s favorite food!

Hard to see in that photo, but it’s a bag of Jelly Babies. Note the dungeon-like atmosphere created by the plastic hanging down near the bare bulb behind me. I told you it was like a batcave.

7 thoughts on “Part 2: My best friend went to London and all I got was…

  1. Do you not have Jelly Babies in the US?!!?  One of the arguments in favour of a God!

    Have you experimented with Porno Jelly Babies yet (omg- that sounds like paedophilia).  Every school boy at some point puts 2 (or more) in a compromising position.

    Want jelly baby. Wank JB NOW!

  2. OH NO- That should read WANT! Freudian slip, I suppose, given what I’d just written

    On the upside, I learnt a bit more about editing Wiki, due to an ommission on the link.

  3. Doesn’t “Jelly Babies” translate into American as “Jam Babies” (jam being thing you put into sandwiches?).

  4. Many Americans incorrectly use the term “jelly” to indicate any jellied fruit spread, e.g., jam and jelly. 

    I don’t recall ever seeing Jelly Babies in the US, although I have seen them in other countries.

    According to Wikipedia, Screaming jelly babies are Jelly Babies with potassium chlorate—they make a screaming sound as they burn.

  5. The Prevo’s grocery chain here in Michigan carries Jelly Babies in their inprted food section. (They have a whole little four foot section of stuff imported from the UK.

    The box I have here on my desk is from Norfolk Manor. $3.99 for an 8oz box……

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