Part 1: My best friend went to London and all I got was…

My buddy Hairboy and his wife got to take a European tour vacation not too long ago and one of the places they stopped was good old London, U.K. where they did a fair amount of shopping. Anne, Court and I went over to visit their new home last night where Hairboy delighted in showing me all the British stuff he bought that he knows I secretly lust after. Stuff like the pair of remote controlled Daleks that you can make roll around and utter their most memorable lines from Doctor Who (I have so got to get me one of those).

Anyway, he was wonderful enough to pick up a few collectibles for me while he was there including the obligatory t-shirt:

Thusly completing the classic joke. Oh, but that’s not the best thing. I’ll save that one for later.

4 thoughts on “Part 1: My best friend went to London and all I got was…

  1. The classic joke of: My X went to X and all I got was this X. Printed on t-shirts all the time.

  2. As in ‘Daddys friend who is my advisor went to Iraq and all I got was lots of money into my election account form the company he used to help run’

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