Once more into the earnest hunt for a job.

I had a meeting today with my boss and his boss to discuss the status of my temporary position with the company. Turns out the company is about to implement a rotating co-op program that’ll have them bringing in college students on a regular basis to do what I’ve been doing and that program is probably going to be implemented in a month’s time or so and once it starts up my position will come to an end. Unfortunately they don’t have a full-time position to offer me as I had been hoping for. A smaller local branch office is rapidly growing smaller and it probably won’t be long before the full time PC Tech they have there will be moved up here.

I’ve not been pursuing other opportunities seriously in part because I was hoping this one would go full time. I love working here and I’ve learned a great deal in just the six months I’ve been on the job. My boss has been trying to get me in as a full time employee so I’m sure this is as much a disappointment for him as it is me, but I’m grateful to have had the chance to work at all given I was unemployed for 10 months prior to this. I took a bit of a gamble by not searching for something else and it didn’t pay off as I’d hoped. It’s time to polish up the old resume and get serious at looking for other opportunities.

Fortunately the company I work for is run by some decent folks and they’re not just patting me on the back and saying “sorry we couldn’t keep you.” The representatives that handle off-site contract employees are looking to see if they can find me something to do and my boss is contacting a web development team within the company that’s been overwhelmed with the website to see if they could use my skills in that area. Most of the company’s web pages are static and I have an obvious background in dynamic content systems. So there’s always the possibility I might just transition to a new role within the company, but I’m not going to count on it either.

Wish me luck.

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  1. This is a more serious situation than what SEB painted it.  I’m scared to death and am applying for teaching positions out of state.  Who knows what will come of it, but I have to try.

  2. Sorry, Lordklegg—we need him in the US more than you need him in Canada. grin

    Luck and more, Les.  Don’t see anything computer-related posted in my company in your area, but I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.

  3. Thanks gang, I’m hoping that this won’t turn into another 10 month adventure—hell, I can’t afford for it to turn into another 10 month adventure as the unemployment checks this time won’t be as big as the last ones.

    As Mrs. SEB stated, we’re seriously considering the possibility of having to move out of state if it’ll get me a job faster. Whether than means Canada (I don’t even know what kind of hoop jumping I’d have to do to get a work visa for Canada) or Florida or some other state would all depend on not only what jobs I might be able to get there, but her as well.

    Again, I’m hoping to stay here in Michigan, but I can’t rule anything out at the moment. I’m working on my resume this morning and will be applying for one of the new positions with Google in Ann Arbor. Oh, and I’ll probably spend a buck on a lottery ticket just on the off-chance.

  4. ***Dave,
          “Need” is such a strong word!  Sometimes you just have to “Let go”.  The hatchlings must leave the nest in order to soar! tongue rolleye

  5. Best of luck in your search, Les.  It’s pretty cool that the company is treating you well even in letting you go.

    I’m on the hunt again myself; although I have a job, like many of my neighbors here in Southern California I find myself among the underemployed – which at this point is worse than being without a job altogether (at least then one has time to go out and pound the pavement).  It’s downright depressing that we can’t make the mortgage on two full-time incomes that, most anywhere else, would at least cover the monthly nut.  Fuck.

    I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for anything in your neck of the woods that might be a good fit for you, too.  grin

  6. One of the reasons I love the company I’m currently working for is they’ve always treated me very well. My boss’s boss (I’ll call him Big Boss) was clearly not happy with having to tell me that my job was coming to an end and rumor has it that he went pretty high up the chain trying to get me hired full time so I can’t complain about being mistreated. A telling sign came at the end of the meeting when he asked me if there was anything I wanted to say such as perhaps that “[Boss] is OK, but [Big Boss] is a jerk.”

    He clearly thought I was going to be angry and appeared to feel I had every right to be, but the truth is I went into this knowing it was a temporary job and there was never a promise it’d go full-time, just the possibility that it might. I was disappointed, but I wasn’t angry and I told him flat out that, if anything, I was very appreciative of having had the opportunity to work for him. I’ve learned a lot in just 6 months time and even though it was much less than I was usually paid and didn’t have any benefits it still beat the hell out of not working at all.

  7. Les, just as a gut feeling: really look into Canada. It’s a nice place, they speak the same language, and I can say only good things about really shaking up your life and living somewhere totally ELSE at least once in life.

    So yeah, look into it. Obviously you’d only move there if a serious job was in the offering. I wouldn’t have moved for a temporary one either.

    Depressing how so many positions turn into temporary ones nowadays.

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