New Source powered multiplayer game called “The Ship” available on Steam.

Valve’s online distribution system, Steam, has been picking up speed with all manner of reasonably priced out-of-the-ordinary games as of late and I’m thinking I’m going to have to give the latest offering a try. It’s a game from developer Outerlight called The Ship and it sounds like it’d be a blast to play:

The Ship is a unique multiplayer PC game developed by Outerlight Ltd., created using Valve’s Source engine. Set on a series of luxury, art deco cruise ships built by Mr X, this devilish game challenges you to kill or be killed. Once you’re on board you’re given the name of another passenger whom you must find and secretly murder. Watch out for security unless you want to do some time in jail, take care of yourself and keep looking over your shoulder because somewhere out there is another hunter looking for you!

It’s a neat twist on the First Person Shooter concept where your goal is still to kill someone else, but do so without getting caught by the NPCs wandering around the game. To make things even more complicated you have various needs to attend to while playing (such as hunger, thirst, etc.) which takes money as does bribing guards or getting healed in the sick bay. You’re given some money at the start and are rewarded money for every successful kill you manage. The more unique the kill the more money you’ll get so if everyone is running around killing each other with pistols the money awarded for such a kill will be pretty small, but if you manage to be one of the few people to poison someone then the reward will be much higher.

Best of all it’s only $19.95 so it’s not a huge trauma to your wallet if it turns out you don’t really care for it. You can also host dedicated servers for the game and if I like it I may covert my Call of Duty server to hosting The Ship.

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1 thought on “New Source powered multiplayer game called “The Ship” available on Steam.

  1. I’ve been playing it a lot… I don’t know if it’s worth $20 though. I wish it would have stayed a free mod. The game is very polished though it just gets repetitive pretty quickly.

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