Learning how to embed video in a blog entry.

You’d think I’d have taken the time to figure this stuff out ahead of time, but my ADD addled brain never got around to it. Messing around with the webcam this morning I managed to capture myself chair dancing like an idiot and I think it’s at least mildly amusing, but then then I tend to have a high opinion of my ability to entertain others that isn’t necessarily universally shared by said others.

Anyway I thought I’d upload it, but it’s a 3MB AVI file which I’m not sure everyone can view if you’re using a Mac or Linux box. I’m also not sure of the best way to go about embedding it into the page as I’ve never really bothered to do that before. Then I figured I’d make a YouTube account and upload it there. That worked, but it lowered the quality of the video from “Bad” to “Worse” so I deleted it. Then I thought I’d try Google Video seeing as I already have a Gmail account, but that service requires someone at Google to verify the video is OK to be viewed by the general public before you can use it on your site and that verification could be days in coming, so I deleted that one as well.

Upon looking at the video again its amusement factor is wearing thing so I figure it’s probably for the best that I didn’t find a reasonable way of sharing it. Perhaps I’ll figure it out by the next time I’m being stupid in front of the webcam.

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