Learning a lesson on centrifugal force the hard way.

I guess some people just can’t grasp a simple lesson without having it knocked into their heads via a demonstration:

These kids can look forward to a bright future as potential winners of the Darwin Awards.

5 thoughts on “Learning a lesson on centrifugal force the hard way.

  1. I hope that they weren’t hurt.  Well, not *seriously* hurt.  Just “learning a lesson” hurt.

    Sheesh.  Frat boys with beer I can imagine doing this, but a family …

  2. I can remember my foolish thing when I was younger. An ice cream van had stopped nearby and it was going in the same direction I wanted to – so why walk? I waited until the driver was about to pull off, hooked by arm through the window and held on to the shelving and lifted my knees up (so I was just dangling). I think I got around 30 feet before my fingers began to slip…

  3. i was kinda waiting till this surfaced… i think it was on ebaums i think its in england somewhere maybe theyll learn a lesson from all of this like metal bars hurt at high speeds

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