Late Night TV Wasteland.

Unless I’m keen on watching infomercials my choices for late night TV are somewhat limited. Right now I’m trying to choose between the lesser of two evils:

Option One: A really cheesy looking horror movie on FLIXe called Scarecrow about a bunch of thieves that end up being killed by evil scarecrows that have somehow come to life. It was made in 1988 and has absolutely no one of any name recognition in it.

Option Two: An even worse sci-fi movie called Galaxy Hunter made in 2004, but which looks like it was made in 1978. The only name I recognize is Stacy Keach and it’s clear this was a move of desperation for him. The hero is clad in a really bad spandex jumpsuit and there’s nothing even resembling a high tech looking device in it.

I think I’ve already managed to figure out the plot to both of them so there’s no point in watching them, but it’s not like there’s anything else on at the moment.

Just over 4 more hours to go now.

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