Larry Darby goes off the deep end, becomes a Christian.

You may recall an entry I wrote awhile back about Larry Darby and his run for the office of Attorney General in Alabama and my amazement at discovering he was such a blatant racist after receiving several emails he sent out as part of his campaign. Larry didn’t win the election, but he did do a lot better than you might think for someone who espoused such openly bigoted viewpoints and intentions. He managed to win several counties in his state and pulled in more votes than the former “Ten Commandments Judge,” Roy Moore, who was running for governor. 

Now that the election is over Darby’s upset that so many atheists criticized his racist statements and actively campaigned against him:

Darby, a Montgomery lawyer who received more votes in Huntsville than Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson, released a long written statement Friday saying that others in the atheist community had turned their backs on him.

“Contrary to expectation, many atheist member organizations or many groups that allegedly represent free thinkers were quick to jump on the Judeo-Marxist bandwagon and dis(a)ssociate themselves from me,” Darby wrote.

Darby had fallen out of favor with many groups after he said he doubted the veracity of the Holocaust.

Darby seems to think that by virtue of calling himself an atheist that all atheists would vote for him regardless of how idiotic he acted. He apparently doesn’t understand what the phrase “Freethinker” means. Still, that’s not the most amazing thing about this new item.

***Dave remarked with some relief on my earlier entry that he was glad Darby was on our side of the aisle as his side already had enough of these sorts of idiots. Alas it looks like Darby has decided to switch sides:

“I agree with moral precepts put forth by Jesus of Nazareth and I am Christian in a sense that Jesus of Nazareth would approve,” Darby wrote.

Granted it appears the sect of Christianity Darby has adopted consists of himself as the sole member as he claims he will continue to crusade against “Judeo-Marxism,” whatever the hell that is, but he no longer considers himself an atheist. Oh, and he plans to run for office again. Sorry ***Dave, but it’s not like we kicked him out or anything. He made this decision on his own.

10 thoughts on “Larry Darby goes off the deep end, becomes a Christian.

  1. Now I have this mental image of Darby being the last guy picked for the big Atheists vs. Christians baseball game.  “We don’t want him—you keep him!”  “Nuh-uh, he says he’s on your team.”


    My only consolation is that Jesus is probably more disappointed than I am.  If I can presume to speak for the Big Guy.

    (To paraphrase Voltaire, I think, if there weren’t a Jesus to be disappointed with this guy, we’d have to invent one.)

    For what it’s worth, Darby’s probably call me a Judeo-Marxist, too.  Heck, maybe I should print up some t-shirts.

  2. I hate to play the “No True Scotsman” argument, but if the only thing that turned this nut into a theist was a lack of support from atheists, then I question whether his atheism was ever a truly informed stance.  Grrr, now I sound like all the theists who insist that my atheism is a result of bad experience with religion.

      More than likely, though, he realizes that:
    White Southerners + racism = vote
    white Southerners + Christianity = vote
    so White Southerners + racism + Christianity = 2(vote)

    **Not saying that all White Southerners are racist are Christians

    D’oh, and I promised myself I’d stop posting on all message boards, blogs, and forums for a few weeks (nuthin’ personal Les).

  3. DoF: It isn’t an atheist/Christian thing, it’s a racist-dirtball/decent-human-being thing.

    Yes. smile

  4. “oh my fellow atheists disagree with me so I know believe in god” and I always assumed that conversions were an event of extreme personal exploration rather than out of spite.

  5. I have to admit that my cynical side sees Darby’s sudden conversion more as a means to a political end than any genuine change of heart, but who am I to say for certain? If he wants to lump himself in with the Christians then I’m happy to let him do so.

    I’m less concerned with whether he’s an atheist or a Christian than I am with what he plans to do should he ever manage to get elected. There’s plenty of Christians in office that I’ve had no problems voting for in the past. Whether he’s a bigoted Christian or a bigoted atheist doesn’t change the fact that he’s a bigot and that’s the primary problem with him.

  6. What about all those becoming atheists, but incompletely, since they retain in their minds the residue of that religion without being aware of it?
    They emancipate themselves from belief in overtly supernatural beings and reject tales about such impossible events as virgin births, walking on water, resurrection of the dead, but they never ponder the equally absurd social superstitions that were authorized by, and depend on, the god whose existence the tales about impossible events were devised to prove!

    Those would-be atheists retain so much of a residue of Christianity in their minds that they are apt to flop over into leftist liberalism. It dispenses with gods but retains all of the religion they think they are rejecting.
    In place of traditional Christianity, they adopt an ersatz Christianity and, forgetting their atheism, have an emotional and unreasoning faith in their new religion with its millenarian belief in a future of happiness and justice where all give according to their ability and receive according to their needs [Acts 4:35],

    Their revolt against Western civilization differs in only a few unessential trimmings from the subversion practised as “social gospel” in the great majority of Christian churches today.
    They retain in their minds the Christian residue that makes them susceptible to drivel about “all mankind,” “One World,” and the “humanitarian” sentimentality of do-gooders.
    So many of the Liberal’s political ideas are religious at root – a secular, political extension of traditional religious frameworks. The search for equality in the secular sense is a replacement of the Judaeo-Christian idea that God loves every individual equally.

    Universalist religionists and Marxists and most Humanists have a religious conviction that poetic metaphors such as “the brotherhood of Man” in which “there is neither Greek nor Roman, Jew nor Gentile, circumcised or uncircumcised, we are all one in Christ Jesus”, are to be taken and used literally. They are unwitting functionaries in the creation of a New World Order of mixed-up peoples and centralized power.

    The future development of quality of life of the peoples of Western countries are threatened qualitatively and quantitatively by non-Western immigration, that universalist dogma welcomes and the globalist establishment and its media bars warning against.

    Our confidence in secular “truths” should be suspect because they arose in connection with the concept of God! For Hegel, the French Revolution – with its ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’ triad – was the political realization of an ideal that first took form in religious imagination. Political developments in this way are the concrete expression of religious ideals. The Enlightenment was not a break with religion; its secular movement was the realization of a vision that in the past had been located in a transcendent realm and postponed for an afterlife.

  7. Uh, Gilbert, nobody here denies that secular humanism can be regarded as a religion. I get the impression you’re against it, but what I can’t figure out is what you are for.

  8. Gilbert, your comment against “incomplete atheists” is

    1. An example of the use of ‘framing’ to convey ideas beneath the actual words used, while side-stepping argument,
    2. A steaming pile of prairie muffins
    3. Both 1 and 2.

    I pick ‘3’.  The root idea of your comment is that any desire to improve human society must stem from religion.  Fact is, some of us would simply like to live where everyone is free, safe, educated, and has equal opportunity. 

    It’s entirely possible to want to live in a better world without being driven by the residue of some religion.  In fact some flavors of Christianity actually work against improving the world we live in.

    Liberalism looks around and says; “This place is a mess!” and picks up a broom.  Fundiecrat Christianity says; “This place is proof that man is fallen so there’s no point in trying.  In fact, let’s make it worse so Jesus will come soon.”

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