Just how DO you subpoena a dildo?

A devoted fan pointed me to an very interesting entry over at the Attorney Wrangler blog about a sexual harassment case where she had to subpoena a dildo:

Our junior legal assistant, Omigod, knocked on my door and asked me for help in drafting a records subpoena. Having done this thousands of times, I invited her in and got her settled in my office chair. She gave me a brief run-through of the case: a female plaintiff is suing her employer and her male co-worker for sexual harassment, hostile work environment, and whole kitchen sink of claims to be used later as leverage in settling the case. One of her allegations was that the alleged harasser gave her a disturbing birthday gift at the office: a dildo.

This did not even remotely faze me. I work on sexual harassment cases all day, every day, and each one is chock full of yummy outrageous goodness. I waited for her to continue, but she couldn’t stammer out what she had to say.

As her face got redder and redder, it hit me:

We Had To Subpoena The Dildo.

This is another one of those Things-You-Never-Normally-Stop-To-Think-About that you realize Must-Happen-All-The-Damn-Time considering the amount of such lawsuits that take place. Go read it and chuckle.

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