It’s 3:45AM and the cats are taunting me.

In addition to Melvin there are three other cats in the household. Another big black male by the name of Midnight, a hyperactive orange male tabby by the name of Keegan, and an old female brown tabby named Fatty. Melvin is currently outside, but the other three cats are indoors and all of them are sprawled out on various surfaces around me sleeping up a storm.

Not just sleeping, mind you, but SNORING. Inconsiderate little bastards.

4 thoughts on “It’s 3:45AM and the cats are taunting me.

  1. Mine keep wandering by me, surprised I’m here, and demanding attention.

    Barely have enough to focus on what I’m doing, without the kids bugging me.

  2. I love cats.
    When I was in my last house I had a little Burmese call puss, or puss puss, or anything really if I made the right intonations and tonal sounds. smile She was a sweety. My brother’s mother-in-law took her over. Doesn’t know me now. I’ve always said they’re one feed away from feral. LOL

  3. At least they were only sleeping.  Mine licks its own arse then looks at me with contempt because I can’t do the same.  To my own obviously.  Not the cat’s.  That would be disgusting.

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