I’m addicted to Fruit of the Loom’s music video commerical “Blue.”

Commercial advertisers and TV networks are all a-twitter over DVR owners skipping their commercials, but if the advertisers made commercials as entertaining as Fruit of the Loom’s music video titled Blue I’d be more inclined to watch them repeatedly. I don’t know about you guys, but I love that silly commercial and I want a full length MP3 of the song they’re singing. The thing is I can’t find the commercial or the song anywhere online. Apparently it’s a parody take on the band Coldplay, which I’ve never heard of because I’m getting old and out of touch with popular music these days.

It seems this isn’t the first music video the FotL guys have done as the company has put up a “fan site” for another one they did using a country song titled You Can’t Over Love Your Underwear which not only has the video, but also a free MP3 version of the song you can download. I’m not as enamored with that song, but I’m holding out hope they’ll do the same thing with Blue in the near future. I don’t know if the latter is newer than the country song or not, but I’m assuming it is. Word has it there’s yet another music video parody with a song titled B Casual.

Perhaps I’m alone in my appreciation for songs about underwear, but more commercials like that would keep me from hitting the fast forward button.

30 thoughts on “I’m addicted to Fruit of the Loom’s music video commerical “Blue.”

  1. You should get one of Coldplay’s albums. I have them all and really love them.

    I can’t remember how I came across them. Maybe through a promotion at the iTunes Music Store, but I have bought everything they have made since.

  2. Is there something wrong with your site? It took over a minute to post the last comment. Here is the text at the bottom of the page:
      Page rendered in 78.8338 with 65 SQL queries.

    It seems really sluggish today.

  3. Not sure. Haven’t had a chance to check the logs to see what kind of activity is happening lately, but it has been more sluggish than usual lately. I hope to look into it further this evening.

  4. LOL, I love the Blue song too! It’s my favorite. The other song is cool too, but Blue is my all time favorite. THEE best song of all time. If you find the website, please e-mail me!

  5. I am also in search of the great an allusive “BLUE” song. I hope they share it like “you can’t over love your underwear” I am going crazy trying to locate even a lousy copy.
    Please keep me in the know if you locate it.


  6. i was wondering if y’all have seen the one where they’re riding in the pimp car and listening to nelly….someone told me about it and i haven’t seen it. we have been searching for days and days to find it but….no luck yet…y’all please help me……pretty please… kiss

  7. I emailed the Fruit of the Loom folks; they wrote back that they are working on a mirror site featuring the Blue video, just like they did with their “You Can’t Overlove Your Underwear” country parody. I have to say, I think the “Blue” song is more Keane inspired than Coldplay; there is a point where Apple goes into that a falsetto that is straight out of “Somewhere Only We Know.”

    And SEB, if you liked the Blue video, then you should listen to Virgin UK radio stream, free on most players like Winamp.  They play Stones and Guns & Roses, but they also play Keane, Coldplay and Snow Patrol.  If you want to ease into this music it’s a painless way to go, like training wheels.

  8. I got it through Limewire under the “Fruit Guys” song title “blue”.

    I feel the same about the song.  If it weren’f for the content and meaning of the words in this song, it would be on the radio.

  9. The song from this commerical is not anywhere close to Keane or Coldplay. Listen to ELO from the 70s and 80s. The frontman is Jeff Lynne, who has produced tons of artists in the past 20-30 years including Tom Petty. The last studio album of their has an excellent comparison between Lynne’s music and this commercial. Listen to track #2 Moment in Paradise. The album is called Zoom. If you can’t get a sample off of this album, there are some close but not definitive examples in their big hit songs, “Telephone Line” and a little bit in “Strange Magic.” The telephone line song you might remember from Billy Madison when he calls and apologizes to that guy that he picked on when he was in high school and the guy is on the end of the phone putting on red lipstick. This should definitely end the debate, smile. Take care.

  10. Thanks for the link, Judy.  I’ve been desperately searching for this song myself.  It has great viral video potential. I hope to see an uncut full version in the near future.

  11. Great to find I’m not alone in my impression of this commercial! I saw a full-length version of it a few weeks ago at like 4:00 AM and thought to myself “Here is the future of music-commercials” (kinda sad) The music and melody is great! I agree that it would be a great hit if its lyrical content weren’t about underwear. Looking forward to a site for the song and video sometime soon.

  12. I have the mp3, finally. It isn’t the best quality, and its only a minute long.. but it was damn worth the sweat and blood! Sorry, but I cannot reveal my methods.

  13. Hey, use Bear Share, type The Fruit Guys – Blue and it will pop up instantly. Enjoy you crazy people. BTW, how the hell did I stumble onto stupidevilbastard.com ……. hehe

  14. By the way. If you guys like weird songs have you heard of things Like Hampton the Hamster “Hamster Dance Song” Check I-Tunes Shop. Or, what about X-Ray Dog “Peter Jackson’s King Kong Theatrical Theme” I-Pod also. Or Jamie Kennedy and his Circle Circle Dot Dot song…lol hell, I’ll even throw out a respect to video games and say Suikoden 2 Gothic Neclord (Bear Share that one). Some is rap, some classical inspired, and yet another a drugged up hamster techno beat…but I was just throwing out ideas for other lame ass songs you cant help but listen to. (Or at least I cant)

  15. Check out the special promo (featured ad on the front page with the star next to it) on TIVO featuring a 2 minute version of the video with a “making of” and a blooper. Very cute. If it’s not the first ad that comes up, click back and forth a few times cause they rotate. The technical work that went it to making it is really quite amazing. The whole thing really is backwards, like the one Coldplay video.

  16. There’s an extended version of the “Blue” commercial on YouTube. It’s about 2:10 long. good song.

  17. I know what you mean about the “Somewhere Only We Know” but for the most part the song is a take off of “Yellow” by Coldplay, but the video is a take off of Coldplay’s video for “The Scientist” where the lead singer learned to walk and lip sync the song backwards so when they reverse the film it looks like everyone else is walking backwards…it’s pretty cool.

  18. i feel you on this one.  i have all the coldplay albums but this song is an accidental hit.  who ever let this one slide must be kicking themselves.

  19. I first saw the commercial today and noticed it is a parody of Coldplay’s music video for “The Scientist.” However, if you’re into this kind of music, I recommend the band Travis. They are one of the more contemporary bands have the Blue kind of sound.

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