I’m a dancing fool!

I’ve been wasting the past half-hour trying to figure out how to embed the aforementioned video clip of me chair dancing into the site and nothing’s working right and I don’t have a converter to make it into a proper flash file or something clever like that so I’m just going to link to it.

So here it is: Dancing Fool. Enjoy!

Update: And, of course, it doesn’t work right as a link either. Dammit.

12 thoughts on “I’m a dancing fool!

  1. Works with Firefox LES. (Any link that leads tp a file automatically prompts firefox to download it) Thats the differnece between a real web browser and a POS like IE. Anyway, nice dancing, and who was that laughin in the background?

  2. HKGBA: That’s odd. I’m using Firefox myself and I’m only getting audio when I download it. Oh well, so long as it’s working. grin

    Brock: That guy looks like Fred Astaire compared to how I dance.

  3. Same here. Even with Firefox, no video.

    Guess I’ll just have to use my imagination. Still, my imagination can be brutal.

  4. I tried posting it to YouTube earlier and it made a crappy video even more crappy. It’s already blurry as hell because the webcam can’t keep up with what a spazz I am.

  5. Thats odd…maybe my Firefox just likes it better. raspberry I have the version of Firefox.

  6. When SEB is recovered, lol, I will have him work on getting this little dancing clip converted to something we all can download.  Then maybe repost to let everyone know.  It’s quite funny.  The back ground laugh is his daughter’s giggle.  Fun dad he is!

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