Happy July 4th 2006.

Yes I know it’s almost over by now, but I’ve still got 12 minutes or so to write this entry in and still technically get it up on the same day. Figured I should get something up before it ends up being a full four days since my last entry.

I spent Saturday running the kid out to her Aunt’s house where she’ll be spending the week and then Sunday we went back out to Lake Orion for my brother’s annual 4th of July party. My mom and dad and sister all managed to make it there as well as a boatload of Wes’ friends. Ate a ton of hamburgers and brats with sauerkraut and then watched the Lake Orion fireworks display. When we finally managed to leave we got stuck in the traffic jam from hell for over an hour. We got home much later than I had wanted to considering I was due to work in the morning.

But going to work Monday didn’t happen because something I ate decided to play hell with my digestive system (I’m guessing it was the sauerkraut). I don’t think I managed to sleep for longer than an hour before I was up again and in the bathroom all night long. By the time my usual wake up time rolled around I was still feeling sick as hell and was exhausted to boot. Thought about going in a little late, but ended up dashing off an email letting folks know I wouldn’t be in Monday at all. Spent most of the day either sleeping or sitting on the can experiencing a type of explosive event I’d rather not revisit anytime soon.

Today I was feeling much better and I spent most of it goofing off and doing nothing much in particular. Got in some time in WoW with my nephew and watched reruns of CSI and House on TV before writing this up and heading to bed.

That’s what I did instead of blogging over the last four days. Oh and look, I’ve still got 4 minutes to spare. Here’s hoping all of you (who are American anyway) had a happy and safe 4th!

1 thought on “Happy July 4th 2006.

  1. Yeah, hope y’all had a good day. smile
    It was my 2nd brother’s birthday, 49.
    Next year he, dad and I all turn an age ending in Zero. He’ll be 50, dad 90 and me 60.
    It’s only interesting to us. LOL

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