Google comes to Michigan.

In what is certainly a great bit of news for the regional economy in South Eastern Michigan, the folks at Google announced today that they’re going to be setting up shop in Michigan:

“Michigan has been Googled,” Granholm said. “These are jobs that will keep our young people in Michigan.”

Google’s project involves opening an office for its AdWords unit, which handles “pay-per-click” advertising to users of Google’s Internet search engine, officials said.

The location made sense for Mountain View, Calif.-based Google because of the talent pool in the area, said David Fischer, director of online sales and operations. He defended the decision to build in the heart of the Rust Belt.

“We don’t get caught up in the conventional wisdom, and try to look at things with fresh eyes,” he said at the news conference.

Google says the new branch will create 1,000 new jobs over the next five years in addition to as many as 1,200 indirect jobs as a result of their presence. Michigan is offering up around $38 million in tax breaks over the next 20 years if Google hires 2,000 or more people. Local news reports indicate that Google hasn’t picked out a location for their offices as of yet, but are expected to set up a temporary location until permanent offices are built. Google is already advertising job opportunities for the Ann Arbor location, which yours truly is looking into. Working for Google would be pretty cool.

11 thoughts on “Google comes to Michigan.

  1. Oh man working for Google would totally rock.  I heard good things about them from rumors, and my sister who has a friend working there.  I heard that one day out of the work week, every employee has to think of a new idea or a way to make an existing idea better.  Good luck SEB.

  2. Apply some spit and polish to the ol’ resume and GO FOR IT! I know some people that work for them and this is definitely worth the effort to get on there!

    Keeping positive thoughts!

  3. “Google says the new branch will create 1,000 new jobs over the next five years in addition to as many as 1,200 indirect jobs as a result of their presence.” I have been reading about the racist crap Gov Granholm’s opponent has been putting out – I guess thats what he’s left with…  Way to go Michigan!  You know MI beat out 4 or so other states to get Google?

  4. This will change nothing in the minds of the faithful DeVos supporters in West Michigan. Mr. Amway can piss away local jobs but he will ‘save the economy’ and ‘bring jobs to Michigan’ according to the local ‘conservatives’. If the they actually give Granholm any credit for this it will be because she made a deal with Satan (probably literally, not figuratively) so she still needs to be removed from office ‘in Jesus’s name…’ or some bullshit.

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