Good morning once more!

Sun’s up, birds are singing, cats keep pestering me to let them in and out. Watching an old Vincent Price horror movie called The Haunted Palace on TV.

That’s about all I’ve got at the moment. Just trying to stay away at this point.

5 thoughts on “Good morning once more!

  1. You mean, “stay awake,” right?  I can see how tough it is … wink

    By the way, good morning to you too, Les!  And Good Evening to LuckyJohn …

  2. Good Morning, Good Morning, and how do you do?
    Good Morning, Dear Les, we’re glad to see you!

    Now imagine that in a singsong voice, and you are surrounded by babies ages 10 weeks to 15 months, and you will know how I began Story Time every day for over 5 years.
    We went around the Circle and sang each baby’s name, finishing with “Good Morning, Everybody, we’re glad to see You!”

    Speaking of babies, I like that you linked to the momma’s dilemma of when to breastfeed her youngun.
    When I was a new working mom (at a hospital, no less) my supervisor said someone complained about how long I was taking in a stall in the rest room, so when it came time to pump, I was told to go to a janitor’s closet.  Real easy to letdown right next to dustmops and smelly chemicals.  Uh Huh.

    Also, speaking of babies, and their growing up….I got into a discussion recently about latchkey kids.  My folks left me alone at age 8, and supervising younger sisters at 11.
    There was a neighbor next door,  and an aunt a couple blocks away.  Strict rules about the stove,  memorizing phone numbers and so forth.
    The person I was talking to says that 12 year olds should not be left alone, and that teenagers should have someone in the house because of statistics about when teenagers are alone, they make babies.
    I figure a child has to learn on the job to get capable, and make better decisions.  Today’s kids are pampered alot.
    You have a teenager, and live in a very full house.  So, whadya think about privacy?

  3. Well, his wife goes along with the “pampering crowd,” I guess.  Do we leave our soon to be 16 alone?  Hell, yes… lol.  But overnight?  Not as of yet w/o an adult in the house.

    For one thing, the teen (and preteen-earlier in her life) does (did) not like being home alone in the dark.  As a child of middle school age, she came home form school to an empty apartment, initially. 

    Though, in all honesty, she usually wasn’t home alone more than and hour and a half.  Not to mention “her elementary age babysitter” lived in an apartment on the ground flood next door.  She ended up over there many days until someone got home anyway (of her own free will). She really didn’t like being alone.

    There is no way I would have left her home alone for more than 2 hours at that time.  As a 8/9 years old? (She was a month from 9 years when she came to live w/her dad full time.) No way in hell, not even with an 11 years old sibling present. 

    Maybe with a 13 years old, definitely with a 16 years older sibling home too.  None of them overnight… When would I leave my kids alone overnight (not just at night time)?

    Probably not until about 16 years.  Would we leave the now (soon to be, 8/3/1990) sixteen years old alone over night?  If she didn’t have a problem with it, we might.  But, we have yet to live in a home w/o other adults present and She still hates being alone in the dark. 

    Truthfully, we rarely go anywhere overnight that she wouldn’t be invited to go or want to come along, lol.  Will there be a time in her later teenage, we might leave her alone to go on a parent trip?  Possibly, but I can’t think of somewhere we’d go w/o her before she turns 18.

    Well, maybe an overnight or weekend “for the anniversary” type trip… maybe. But in all honesty, it’s highly likely we’d ship her to family for her own little vacation (or if we are living with family still, she’d have built in company). 

    I think just about everywhere we’d go would be a place that she’d want to go, too.  And/or a place her dad would want to take her. Even if it was an “anniversary trip,” lol!

  4. Now Privacy is an interesting issue all together.  I grew up in a full house, so to speak.  Three main floor bedrooms, 2 makeshift basement bedrooms, one full bath, one half bath, a lot of yard, three little sisters, one little brother, a dog, lots of cats, sometimes fish or lab rats or gerbils or hamsters or snakes and lizards, etc.  I’m still not great about closing a bathroom door when I enter.  (Freaks my husband out.)  Will knock and enter a bathroom when someone is showering (not using the toilet) to grab grooming items.  If it is my husband; I’ll stand at the sink, groom and talk to him while he is in the shower, lol.  Doors to get closed at bedtime.  Something my husband has always done.  Mostly, now, due to sound… to keep the busy hive sounds out when I am ready to sleep or want quiet to read in.  The kid keeps her door closed a great deal.  Has a bit of a hissy when we open it on her, actually.  Sometimes, we insist it stay open (no ac, need the air currents flowing at this point.) 

    My parents didn’t allow us to keep the doors closed (those of us who had doors) as teenagers.  So, Mom has mentioned it since we moved in here, but doesn’t seem too terrible upset about our kiddo’s door always being closed when she is inside her room.  That gives her a better sense of her own space and “privacy.”  Something teenagers do crave and possible need, lol.  We do (everyone in the house) knock and open.  Teen waits for verbal recognition of her knock before opening the door. The rest of us, tend to knock, announce ourselves and then open the door to ask whatever question or make whatever sentence was the purpose that lead us to the closed door to begin with.  Usually, to announce dinner time, a phone call, bedtime, etc.

    Would I enjoy a little more privacy?  Yes, we are looking forward to moving into our own place again in the future.  However, I guess we are pretty relaxed about it at this point. SEB does spend time in his basement bat-cave, but one sister has her “bedroom” there and the laundry room is also in that unfinished (stone cold slab, no real walls) basement.  So though, there is more privacy in the bat-cave basement, there really isn’t complete and total privacy in the house.

  5. Wow, I got Mrs SEB to respond.  The Mister must be snoozing after the Blogathon!
    Your answer is similar to my own.
    My parents left for 2 nights when I was 17, sisters were 15, 13, and 11.  We were fine.
    I think our sons were 20, 17, and 15 the first time we left them all alone for the weekend.

    In the house I grew up in, there was no privacy.  Actually, my mother still doesn’t know when to stop yapping.  My husband has had to help me to break several of my bad habits.
    Knocking on a closed door and waiting for an answer is a given these days.

    Your daughter is lucky to have family to go to for some R&R.

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