Good morning! Let’s get this party started.

Well I’m awake though not necessarily bright eyed or bushy tailed. Still I’m up and, unlike the previous time I did a Blogathon, I was smart enough to give myself time to take a shower before sitting down and turning on the PC. I’ve got jean shorts and my Big Dog “Do I look like a freakin’ people person?” Hawaiian shirt on and I’m down in the SEB Batcave where I’ve already taken my first crappy webcam pic.

Not bad considering the only light is coming from the monitor. How would you like to wake up to that mug every morning? Note the tasteful tapestry I’ve draped over some of the boxes in the background that make up the Batcave. Most of the rest of the family is still asleep so I’m trying to keep a low profile. Once coffee is done upstairs I may sneak up there for a bit with the wireless laptop, but for now Melvin The Official SEB Cat has joined me downstairs having picked out a spot on the highest of the stacked boxes just out of the frame.

Update: Looking at the weather forecast it appears they’re predicting 93° temps and occasional thunderstorms. No air conditioning means I’ll be spending most of the day in the basement where it’s much cooler to that’s one problem solved, but the thunderstorms could be a pain if they’re even semi-serious because it doesn’t take much more than someone sneezing the wrong way to knock out the power out here in the country. With any luck it won’t be a problem, but I thought I should mention the possibility on the off-chance it does happen.

10 thoughts on “Good morning! Let’s get this party started.

  1. Hiya Teresa! I’d been meaning to check and see who my monitor was and now you’ve saved me the trouble. Yay for me! Hopefully you won’t find my content too annoying. grin

  2. Don’t worry, Les—I have spoken to Smee on your behalf and He says He will protect you and your house from lightning strikes.  (He says Jehovah can’t aim worth a damn anyway.)

    (Nice shirt!)

  3. Good morning, you Hawaiian T-Shirt-wearing blogathoner you.

    This is going to be fun – making fun of Hawaiian shirts and watching you stay awake for 24 hours.

    Pace yourself and don’t forget to eat. You’ll make it through like a champ, I’m sure.

  4. Why the hell did I call it a Hawaiian (T) shirt?
    I probably should go back to bed…

  5. But Brock, he wore that shirt just for you, knowing how much you appreciate that style…

    Les, your access isn’t the only one with problems.  I used my university address at Blogathon2006 only to discover that I couldn’t confirm because the whole university email system appears to be offline at the moment.

  6. But Brock, he wore that shirt just for you, knowing how much you appreciate that style…

    So considerate. Maybe he’ll switch to a muscle tee, then.

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