“Dr.” Kent Hovind has been arrested for tax evasion.

SEB’s favorite creationist wacko, “Dr.” Kent Hovind, was arrested yesterday on 58 charges including “income tax evasion, making threats against investigators and filing false complaints against Internal Revenue Service agents.”

U.S. Magistrate Judge Miles Davis handed down the indictment against Kent Hovind, who operated a creationist theme park Dinosaur Adventure Land, off Old Palafox Road.

Hovind’s wife, Jo Hovind, was also indicted on 44 of the counts and appeared in court alongside her husband.

Nothing like a bit of good news first thing in the morning to help offset your own tribulations. Hopefully we’ll see the good “Dr.” do some time behind bars.

4 thoughts on ““Dr.” Kent Hovind has been arrested for tax evasion.

  1. Well, the good “Dr.” might be SEB’s favorite creationist wacko, but Jim Pinkoski is my personal favorite- he’s even wackier than Hovind (if that’s possible) and he seems a lot nicer.

  2. Oh my god!  Pinkoski has a comic book (I think it’s a comic book) called “Christian SF” and it’s got a disclaimer that reads “The Bible is the ultimate Star Wars”.  Just another example of how Christians can’t seem to come up with any original ideas.  Almost all the Christian t-shirts I’ve ever seen are just mocks of other shirts or more mainstream phrases/ad campaigns.  I guess I’m not suprised about Star Wars.

    Part of me wants to get ahold of a copy just to see what sort of twisted logic or milquetoast preaching he does in this, but I really can’t bring myself to give anyone like that money.

  3. Well, can’t say I didn’t see this coming eventually…

    Still, most of the crimes are white-collar, so I am hoping Kenny doesn’t get sent to Camp Cupcake raspberry

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