CBS to put ads on eggs.

The folks at CBS have come up with a novel means of getting the word out on their fall lineup of TV shows. They’re paying a company to laser etch 35 million eggs in September with blurbs promoting various CBS shows using really stupid egg puns. An example of which would be: CSI “Crack the Case on CBS.”


Look, I understand that the networks have been struggling against market erosion for years against the hundreds of cable channels out there and I’m aware that it’s tougher than ever to grab the eyes of jaded consumers, but I really don’t need ads on my eggs. I’m also not sure why they’re bothering with shows such as CSI or The Amazing Race which are already quite successful. All this does is make me not want to buy eggs from whatever producer is putting ads on them. Oh I’m sure it’s not harming the eggs at all, but it really emphasizes the idea that I’m a “consumer of advertising” and that makes it a little too literal for me to stomach.

OK, sorry about that last pun. It was totally uncalled for.

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