Caption this photo: Bush Baby

This is just ripe for interesting captions:

Shamelessly borrowed from Buzzstuff.

20 thoughts on “Caption this photo: Bush Baby

  1. Bush: “So whadaya think of my job in Iraq?”
    Baby: Whaaaaaa
    Bush: “But but … we are creating a democracy!”
    Baby: WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  2. That’s Laura handing him the baby, saying “Guess what!!”


    “Uhh, I think you’ve confused me with Angelina Jolie”

  3. “Whew! Hoo boy, that diaper’s a load of mass destruction!”


    “I’ve always wanted to be a rodeo clown but I thank I’m better at ventriliquistism. – ‘whaa, whaa’ – See, you didn’t even see my lips mooove, di’ja?”

  4. Brock: ‘whaa, whaa’ – See, you didn’t even see my lips mooooove, di’ja?

    Which ones? LOL  Naughty John!!

  5. Hey, he’s a hefty little fucker, ain’t he?  And lissen to that battlecry!  Two more years and he’ll be ready for the National Guard!

    God bless America, God bless America, God bless. . .

  6. Who’d you vote for bitch?!?!  And you better think about your answer carefully, cuz I will pop this child like a grape!

    (sorry, couldn’t he’p m’self)

  7. That stupid bastard thinks he is such an important fucker. He shows up at disasters with his goddamned sleeves rolled up neatly, AS IF he was going to pitch in and do some fuckin clean up. But all it is to him is another photo-op. goddam that bastard!

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