Bush favors the rich in his own administration.

Why does this not surprise me at all?

President Bush’s most senior aides—the ones who hold the coveted title of “assistant to the president”—recently received a $4,200 cost-of-living bump-up in compensation and now earn a top pay rate of $165,200, according to an internal White House list of staff salaries. The list was compiled by the administration for the year that ended June 30 and is displayed both alphabetically, and by dollar ranking, below. Those at the bottom of the White House staff pay scale—the folks answering phones and responding to the president’s mail, for example—remain stuck at last year’s pay floor of $30,000, according to a year-to-year comparison of White House data obtained by National Journal.

If you’re already making good money then Bush will happily give you more, but if you’re on the bottom of the pay scale then you can just suck it.

Link via AMERICABlog.

3 thoughts on “Bush favors the rich in his own administration.

  1. There’s nothing “Bushish” about that.  It happens for the same reason that the CEO of my company recieves $100K bonuses every year and they cancell our annual “Holiday Party” because it was “too expensive”  Those with money apparently share the wealth…. with others that have a lot of money.

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