Blogathon Aftermath.

Looks like I survived the Blogathon no worse for wear as I’m feeling pretty good this morning other than a little residual sleepiness. Had a hell of a migraine when I first woke up yesterday afternoon, but that’s just a faded memory now. I’d like to take a moment to thank the folks who sponsored me and my effort: ***Dave, LuckyJohn19, GeekMom, my Mother, Devin Iacono, Jeffercine, Brock, Amanda Helstrom, Brendoman, OB, Marion Ovies, Decrepit Old Fool, PZ Myers, Joshua Jamison, and three folks who wished to remain Anonymous. We managed to raise $474.00 for Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

In the next few days you’ll receive an email from the Blogathon folks with the link to go to make your donation. The link will point to AU’s membership page which will include a spot for you to specify how much you wish to donate to the organization. Those of you donating $25 or more will become members of Americans United and will receive 11 issues of their award-winning journal Church & State. If you don’t wish to become a member there is an alternative donation method you can use. American’s United allows for donations in honor or memory of a person or event which allows you to donate without becoming a member. You can access that page by clicking here. I thought I should mention this alternative in case anyone was uncomfortable with becoming a member of AU, though I encourage you to join as it’s a very worthwhile organization.

I owe special thanks to ***Dave, for being my Blogathon Buddy (never blog without one) via Google Talk during the ‘thon, and PZ Myers, who drove up my traffic numbers considerably by mentioning my effort on his wildly popular website. I hope everyone who stopped by enjoyed the entries I managed to cobble together as much as I enjoyed… well… cobbling them together for you. We now return you to our normal schedule of sporadic blogging.

Oh yeah, one more thing of note: I went to return the webcam I borrowed from my boss to him this morning and was told I could keep it. So it appears I have a new toy to play with when blogging from here on out. I’ll probably just use it for more stupid chair dancing videos, but what the hell.

3 thoughts on “Blogathon Aftermath.

  1. A pleasure to have chatted with you during the ‘Thon, Les.  And, yes, it’s very helpful to have some sort of social network during the event, if nothing else than to commiserate with over how tired one is getting.  grin

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