Between SEB posts be sure to check out “The Fat Girl Blog.”

Teresa of The Fat Girl Blog is my Blogathon monitor this year. She’s working hard making sure I’m getting content up as required so that you, dear readers, can enjoy the wonder of seeing crappy webcam pics of me eating burritos and my cat sleeping. I’m but one of the sites she’s monitoring and while she’s doing that she’s also participating in the Blogathon herself, which just shows how productive she is. Her charity is Modest Needs. They help people out who are just barely getting by and are suddenly hit with a major bill that threatens to overwhelm them. Sounds like a good cause to me considering I could easily end up as one of those people myself.

At any rate, I wanted to encourage folks to check her out and, if you have a few spare dollars left over, perhaps sponsor her efforts. If nothing else maybe there’s some lurkers here who weren’t comfortable with donating to Americans United who might feel better about sponsoring Teresa with her charity. At the very least we can let her know we appreciate the effort she’s putting into this year’s Blogathon.

4 thoughts on “Between SEB posts be sure to check out “The Fat Girl Blog.”

  1. Also, if anyone still wants to sponsor SEB that hasn’t, it’s not too late. You’ll be able to register through the duration of the Blogathon.

    Come on, join us for the cause. Maybe then Les will upload that chair dancing video.

  2. It’s the least I can do. With the pending loss of my own job I’ve not the spare money to pledge at the moment so I’m trying to help out where I can.

  3. Huh.  Haven’t heard anything from my monitor.

    But, yeah, everyone, give to Les.  Good guy, good cause.

    Heck, I’ll give again, if we get that chair dancing video …

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