Be wery wery quiet! I’m hunting jobs!

Posting will probably be pretty light today. I’ve updated my resume and have started handing it out already including applying for a position that Google’s advertising for the new Ann Arbor branch they’re opening up. Most of this morning was spent reactivating my accounts on and Career Builders and looking through possible positions. Slow going so far, but I’m plugging along.

Maybe I’ll get something interesting to post about later tonight when I get home.

9 thoughts on “Be wery wery quiet! I’m hunting jobs!

  1. Best of luck mate … By-the-way..Blizzard has a new “Jobs” tab on thier com site if your at all interested

  2. But Les – Google? Isn’t their motto “Don’t Be Evil”? If they become aware of your blog, you might want to defend with:
    “I’m not evil. If you read the blog’s entire title, I’m much more than that. I’m ….well, you get the point.
    Seriously now, hope you land on your feet.

  3. Tom: Seriously now, hope you land on your feet.

    Wow Les. You have convinced a committed Christian to look favourably upon you.
    That can’t be bad. (ZERO sarcasm intended but plenty of irony observed … smile )

  4. That’s not at all unusual, LJ. There’s a number of committed Christians who are SEB regulars, though a lot of them lurk most of the time. ***Dave is the most obvious example of such. The number of Christians who know me in real life and look favorably on me are innumerable. True a lot of them don’t realize I’m an atheist, but still.

    Keep in mind that we only tend to hear from the folks who get offended enough by what I’ve said that they end up motivated to tell me that I’m an asshole. You don’t tend to hear as much from the Christians who think you’re an OK guy even if you are misguided in your religious viewpoint.

  5. Double dipping because I forgot to thank L4T for the kind words. Thanks, I hope I land on my feet too as it would be much less painful than a face plant.

  6. Les: ***Dave is the most obvious example of such.

    Ah c’mon Les. We all know ***Dave’s not one of ‘them’ … he’s human.
    I must admit I’m ‘lucky’ in that I know very few xians – shit I don’t know any … the only ones I ‘know’ are from here at SEB.
    Just analysing that …
    My mate’s Roman Catholic and loves me even though he knows I don’t believe in Sky-daddies.
    He’s married to a 7th DA who loves me coz I play the crystal-powered entity when I feel like it.
    Both daughters, but especially the younger 21 years old, love me coz I can only speak in adult or child mode as I’ve never been a parent.
    My other mate is Presbyterian married to an RC and they both love me coz I know stuff.
    Their 3 kids love me coz I’m John and I give them the time of day, seriously.
    I can’t enter or leave the house without the youngest 9 year old daughter’s hugs and kisses.
    I like that. smile
    In my more morose or thoughtful moments I only ever regret I never had children. smile
    I’d like to think I influence them all positively, without the need or justification of conceptualised and limited ‘higher powers’.
    Both blokes have seen me in arsehole mode – the kids and wives haven’t.
    Maybe they all just love me unconditionally. smile
    End of rave – too much Carlton Black beer  – gotta go to bed.
    Shit, it’s 1.35 – ahhh, there’s still another stubbie in the fridge.

  7. Ah c’mon Les. We all know ***Dave’s not one of ‘them’ … he’s human.

    As opposed to a giant ant?  Oh, wrong “Them.”

    Actually, I think most Christians are, in fact, pretty human.  It’s the ones who try to pass themselves off as something better than that who cause the problems.

  8. Ahhh, ***Dave, you weren’t even alive them.

    It’s the ones who try to pass themselves off as something better than that who cause the problems.

    Yeah. I know.
    The squeaky wheel gets the oil and the reputation.  smile
    Oh wait Consi came in with a …

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