And we’re at the halfway point!

So we’ve made it the first 12 hours and seem to be in good shape for the next couple at least. The topic well is starting to get a little dry, but I’m sure I’ll find something to jabber about along the way. The first hints of tiredness are starting to pang in the back of my skull though nothing worse than you’d get from watching a really bad movie on cable TV. My Charter Internet is starting to act up again with it seeming to have forgotten that part of the Internet exists. Luckily access to SEB and the backend is still working so I’m able to post, but it could be a problem in hunting down crap to blog about if it doesn’t clear up soon.

I was going to check the Blogathon page to see how we’re doing, but that’s one of the sites that Charter has forgotten about at the moment. Last time I checked though we were up to $404 in pledges so I want to take a moment and thank all of you who have taken the time and expense to support my efforts this evening. I really do appreciate it.

OK, I’m going to bask in the glory of making it halfway for a moment or two and then go back to seeing which sites I can still reach.

3 thoughts on “And we’re at the halfway point!

  1. Oh, woopee-fuckin-do – at last I’ve figured your time is 11 hours behind mine.
    It’s almost mid-day here.
    What’s the bet I forget this important piece of info when I try to remember it, for some obscure and yet to be revealed reason, in the future. LOL

  2. It’s regretful that the Blogathon takes place on the weekend where SEB is concerned. Weekends tend to receive fewer comments and I assume this means fewer visitors.

    Too, comments seem to be placed more often in the AM now as opposed to earlier days when comments came all day long ‘til late in the evening and night.

    Maybe it’s because of an increased international audience.

    Or am I remembering badly?

  3. I’ve noticed my comments drop off precipitously on Friday and Saturday.  But MrsDoF’s comments pick up on Saturday.  Then mine pick up on Sunday.  It must depend on your audience – we write about different things.

    Les, I just put up a total of five topics on Thursday – feel free to borrow any of them if it will help you stay awake.

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