You’re less human than you think.

Or so say the folks at The Institute for Genomic Research where they’ve been studying up on the bacteria that live inside the human gut. We’ve known for a long time that our digestive system has several hundred species of bacteria living in it that aid in digestion, but it appears we’re more dependent on them than we originally thought. So much so that it could be argued we’re a symbiotic organism

“We are somehow like an amalgam, a mix of bacteria and human cells. There are some estimates that say 90 percent of the cells on our body are actually bacteria,” Steven Gill, a molecular biologist formerly at TIGR and now at the State University of New York in Buffalo, said in a telephone interview.

“We’re entirely dependent on this microbial population for our well-being. A shift within this population, often leading to the absence or presence of beneficial microbes, can trigger defects in metabolism and development of diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease.”

Scientists have long known that at least 50 percent of human feces, and often more, is made up of bacteria from the gut. Bacteria start to colonize the intestines and colon shortly after birth, and adults carry up to 100 trillion microbes, representing more than 1,000 different species.

They are not just freeloading. They help humans to digest much of what we eat, including some vitamins, sugars, and fiber. They also synthesize vitamins that people cannot.

“Humans have evolved for million of years with these bacteria. And they provide essential functions,” Gill said.

It’ll be interesting to see what the IDiots have to say about this one.

6 thoughts on “You’re less human than you think.

  1. What really amuses me on this one is how closely it resembles the process used in any wastewater treatemnet plant. And the engineers and biologists creating those bacteria-driven cleaning processes probably didn’t even know whe had the same thing in our guts.

  2. ShitPuppy: Yes, liberals-socialists are SLUGS. I’ve known this long before the studies you quote.

    I had a bit of a peruse of your bog (in Oz the shit-house is also known as the bog-house).
    Vomit is a word that came quite readily to mind.
    SLUGS (Socialists-Liberal-lying Unmoral Greedy Suckers) SLIGS or SLAGS wouldn’t have worked for you, would it?
    Ha-ha, geez I amuse me. LOL
    I lerved your list of what Bill and Hillary are supposed to have got up to.
    When are you gonna add a list of what Bullshit Has been up to.
    Ummm, don’t forget the war he got your people involved in … based on LIES!
    I think it’s rather important and should go on top of the list. Number 2 would have to mention the stings and strings and other unlawful things he pulled to become El Presidente in the first place.
    Poor, mentally abused, little puppy. Awww.
    D’ya ever awake in a good mood? LOL

  3. JustaDog’s Blog: I see greed of self – and I can give so many examples. How about:
    – A person owns an SUV and says “up yours” when they fill their big tanks with gas, a limited resource on Earth, simply because they can afford to;
    – A person that simply throws money (or forces governments to throw money) to places like Africa – where most goes to corrupt warlords or governments, where instead those same selfish people should plant industries that can grow and become self-sufficient;
    – The people that just want to score points with voters and are happy to force taxpayers to fund their pet projects with the future selfish outcome of getting re-elected;
    – Or the fact that more people voted for their favorite American Idol than did in the recent primary election – how vain and how sad;

    Mmm, maybe I was too quick to judge. I apologise for Some of the stuff I said.  wink

  4. “It’ll be interesting to see what the IDiots have to say about this one.

    God created man a complex being. Apparently more complex than previously believed.

    That wasn’t very hard.


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