Who Killed the Electric Car?

Good question. Sony Pictures Classics Presents : Who Killed the Electric Car?

7 thoughts on “Who Killed the Electric Car?

  1. S-Sadie: Big oil wins again. Sometimes I really loathe this country.

    Focus, darlin’, focus.
    Taint y’ country nor 90% of your people; ‘tis but a few cartels getting together (not quite tautology), and telling y’all what’s gonna happen. Admittedly a lot of Yanks (and Ozzies) like driving gas-guzzlers but they’ll change, or go broke.
    I’m doing my bit to change the tide every time I brag about my 989cc, 3 cylinder, miserly little Sirion, saying I NEVER worry about the cost of fuel.
    What you need to do is find some lefty politicians to vote for who won’t bow before Big Oil,
    Admittedly, they’ll be branded communists and be confronted by True Believers™ but that’d be small price to pay, as long as they weren’t gay and …
    No, it wouldn’t work. 70% of your compatriots are still too hung up on sex and everyone knows that a lefty is always a sexual predator or deviate.
    Mmm. What can I say?
    Reminds me of:
    Deaf Judge: Has the defendant got anything to say for himself?
    Defendant: Fuck all your honour.
    DJ to Bailiff: What did he say?
    B: He said fuck all your honour.
    DJ: I could have sworn I saw his lips move.
    Get it? He said …
    Well, I thought it was funny. LOL

    Seriously though – the idea is NOT dead in the water, at all, at all.
    See: http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/business/14719583.htm

    Others will follow – they will come.
    G B Shaw: Life is not meant to be easy, my child; but take courage – it can be delightful. smile

  2. What you need to do is find some lefty politicians to vote for who won’t bow before Big Oil

    Won’t work.  Big Oil is in bed with the auto industry.  Auto companies have the UAW leadership by the sack.  UAW sponsors the re-election of lefty politicians.

  3. Well the oil is running out.  Very soon, demand will never again be met by supply except by using up our reserves.  When that’s gone, something will have to take its place.  All the political clout in the world can’t change that fact.  I think we’ll see good electric cars again, or something better.  Unfortunately it wont be US car companies that do it.  We’re already in last place for hybrid performance and production.  GM and Ford are acting like this is just a fad that we’ll grow out of.

  4. GM is starting to advert how they have a fleet of great gas-mileage cars.  Of course, the ones that get the really good mileage are built by other companies with which GM has partnerships.  And they are now advertising a hybrid truck – as if I’d trust GM enough to give them my hard-earned money for a hybrid.  That’s something that would have to be built by a competent company, not by GM.

    Fortunately the US has those fine traditional American companies, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai.

  5. Time will tell?  Yes, it always does.  But, I do not want to go through that searingly painful time period.  Not that I have a choice, of course.  We never do.  But I don’t have to be looking forward to it either.

    *Sigh* I feel so stuck in a loose-loose situation. And it keeping getting worse.  Maybe living in south-eastern Michigan is the problem. 

    Someone want to help me explain to SEB how moving out of Michigan would be best for us.  Despite that fact that all our family and all his closetest friends live here. Despite the fact that he has a job in Michigan right now (even if he commutes over an hour one way and has neither full time status nor benefits)?  Despite the fact that Ikea and Cost-Co have come to Canton, lol? 

    Okay that tirade was unfair.  I think SEB knows we should move to a place where work is more pleantiful and cost of living is down.  Not to mention, public trasportation is more readily available.  OH wait!  Do all three of those conditions mesh with “American” anywhere?  Awe Fudge!

    In truth, moving would not be so easy without having established (or promises with signed contracts to boot) jobs lined up.  I am so thankful I have SEB as a life partner for so many, many, many reasons.  We will crawl outta this hole of which we have fallen in good time.  It’s just a matter of time and I hate waiting.  I’m so impatient, lol!

  6. We will crawl outta this hole of which we have fallen in good time.

    I’m sure you will, Mrs SEB.  I’m holding my thumbs for you, as we say in Austria.

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