The world didn’t end May 25th and Eric Julien tries to take credit for it.

You remember a couple of weeks back I wrote about French nutcase Eric Julien who predicted that on May 25th portions of a comet would hit the Atlantic causing 200 meter tall tsunamis that would kill tens of millions? Mr. Julien managed to break the Official SEB Kook-O-Meter with his blathering nonsense, but we managed to get it repaired since then.

After the world failed to end on May 25th Mr. Julien was quick to point out that he didn’t necessarily mean May 25th exactly, but rather within a few days of May 25th. So here it is June 8th and no sign of giant tsunamis devastating life in America, or anywhere else, has come to pass. If you’ve not been exposed to very many True Believers™ of the likes of Mr. Julien you might be inclined to think that he’s scurried back into obscurity embarrassed by his prediction being completely wrong. Those of us with more experience with nutcases such as this know that such a minor setback as being completely wrong will in no way impact this idiot’s self-delusion. And, in fact, it hasn’t:

Press Release: Tens of millions of lives saved on May 25, 2006 thanks to the announcement of a giant tsunami for that date!

Contact: Craig Boswell ,, 832-252-6406

Houston, June 6, 2006

Eric Julien declares that his alert of a giant tsunami, triggered by volcanic eruptions in the Atlantic Ocean which were to have followed the impact of fragments of comet SW-3, these fragments generated in 1995 by the intervention of a hostile extraterrestrial civilization, brought forth the success of the greatest exopolitical operation in history.

The forerunner signs of this possible event were numerous, and were secretly taken into account by various government administrations.  A NOAA official issued a warning on CNN May 23rd about a new type of “hurricane” which threatened in short order the entire east coast of the United States, including those areas normally spared by hurricanes.  He named this curious phenomenon the “splosh model”.  On May 25th, members of the U.S. Congress received a memo for an evacuation exercise to be held later that day.  Likewise, FEMA—organization which handles natural disasters – had planned a tsunami alert exercise for May 23rd – 25th.

Contrary to the declarations of NASA, fragments of comet SW-3 did indeed strike the Atlantic Ocean, as Julien forecast in his article published last April 11th.  Despite the appearance of a series of waves of unprecedented height – up to 80 meters high when the known record was 34 meters – no tsunami struck the Atlantic coastlines.  The alert of the former twin-engine jet pilot was actually conditional.

From his very first article on the subject (see Julien gave the basic reason for his alert, namely the planned use of nuclear weapons – affecting the planes in which ET’s exist – in a possible war against Iran.  The link between nuclear weapons and the presence of space civilizations on Earth has been clearly established by the author of “The Science of the Extraterrestrials”.

Yet on May 25th, 2006, the U.S. government unexpectedly delayed its “Divine Strake” test which was to have played a role in the delivery of pre-emptive strikes against the nuclear installations in Iran.  Since May 25th, relations between Iran and the United States have thus miraculously improved.  The specter of a third world war has momentarily pulled back, and tens of millions of lives have been spared thanks to this program of information.

The threat of a giant tsunami by reportedly hostile extraterrestrials, relayed by the world media, had thus for effect the appeasement of international tensions.  A well-meaning extraterrestrial civilization, according to Julien, intervened to minimize the awaited effects of the alert.

However, the danger has not yet been set aside.  Eric Julien declares: “A catastrophe of an unprecedented size, stemming from so-called natural causes, may occur in the coming days if the media of the entire world does not inform the public immediately of the reality of the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth, in a documented and objective fashion, with an open-mindedness worthy of advanced civilizations in order to raise the public consciousness.”

Isn’t that amazing? You can’t keep a True Believer™ down. He managed to turn his failed prediction into a major victory all with a little creative rationalization. The comet fragments did hit as he predicted, but thanks to some benevolent aliens with their amazingsuperadvancedtechnology not a single tsunami struck a coastline anywhere in the world! All because Eric Julien got the word out that it was gonna happen. Note that he also leaves himself with a vague prediction that allows him to claim just about any natural disaster happening in the near future as proof that these aliens are living among us as he claims.

Compare and contrast the antics of Eric Julien with many religious True Believers™ and you’ll find they have a lot in common. Claims of superior beings that have no evidence to back them up intervening in our lives to reward or punish us, claims of doom and destruction set to befall us any second now thanks to our continued bad behavior despite the knowledge that such superior beings exist, failure for evidence against their belief system to impact their beliefs in any significant way. Eric Julien is easily as faithful a man as our own Looking4Truth is here at SEB, only the details differ in the superior beings they worship. Same cat, just different stripes.

The other thing they share in common? We have no good reason to believe one over the other.

3 thoughts on “The world didn’t end May 25th and Eric Julien tries to take credit for it.

  1. Makes me think of my ole “buddy” Sollog, or Soggy as I tend to think of him.  Sollog’s response to his supposed psychic predictions failing is to just decide some other event fulfilled them.  So if Soggy claimed a giant earthquake would destroy Japan on a Tuesday an earthquake on Wednesday in Peru that did nothing more than upset some goats would be a hit.

  2. ‘Why are you clicking your fingers?’

    ‘To keep the tigers away’

    ‘There are no tigers round here’

    ‘See, it works’

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