The United States is Number One in the world…

… for incarceration rates per capita. Take a look at this chart:

Then go read the whole entry at Crooked Timber. Can you believe we’re actually out pacing Russia??

Hat tip to Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

3 thoughts on “The United States is Number One in the world…

  1. I wonder how many are actually criminals and how many are in for stupid shit. I live in a little town in Northern Michigan and almost everbody I know here has been in jail for some amount of time and none of them are what I’d call criminals.

    It’s almost always for things like possession of pot or driving without a license or some such.

  2. Pot possessors may not be what you call criminals, KPG, but that is most certainly what most conservatives call them.  55% of federal, and 21% of state prisoners, are in for drugs.  I don’t know how many are in for pot, though.  An incredible waste of human lives and money.

    I’ve only been in jail once, and that was for blocking the road to the weapons lab in Livermore in 1983.  It was a two-week non-stop extravaganza of workshops, talent shows, and wild dancing (the Wiccans knew some evil ones).  But that’s because they put a thousand of us (men- the thousand women were held elsewhere) in circus tents (surrounded by barbed wire), and thus wasn’t anything like real prison life, except for the food.  If jail were like that for everyone, I’d recommend it highly.

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