The Un-Funny Truth about Scientology.

[Ed Note: I realize that MooseTrain already posted the first link in a comment to one of the threads, but I’m going ahead and posting this as I think it deserves its own entry and it includes a link to the sequel.]

If you have a few moments to spare, watch The Un-Funny Truth about Scientology over at YTMND. It’s a presentation showing how people’s lives have been affected by the Church of Scientology and how events have been covered up. If you were ever in doubt about just how cooky these people are, then this should confirm your suspicions. Beware of some disturbing images, however.

A sequel has also been published which details the Church’s reaction to it.

9 thoughts on “The Un-Funny Truth about Scientology.

  1. Wow, SEB I am surprised that you are not afraid to post this article about scientology lol.  What a bunch of fucking wack-jobs.  I am glad I have never had to deal with a cult like that.

  2. I’m not that worried about it mainly because I doubt SEB is even on their radar at the moment. In over three and a half years of blogging I only just recently got my first Scientologist leaving a comment here.

    And, truth be told, having the site taken down by over-zealous Scientologists would bring us a ton of publicity and traffic once I got it back up and running again.

  3. I posted that! (unless L Ron is reading this and then that was posted by my body thetans)

    LOL, so that’s how you plan to get out of the lawsuit.

  4. I suppose the only thing we can do is pray to the triple god that xians, in general, don’t get to the same level of insanity as the Si-Toes.
    Yeah, I know there are some crazy xians about, but they’re a joke.
    The Si-Toes have more of an element of danger about them.
    I’d put them on a par with Moslems in the scary department.

  5. Hmmm… I think the S-holes are dangerous in a different way than fundy xians.  I suspect most Christians are not actively worried that atheists, or other heretics, are going to blow their cover and destroy the whole operation- there are so many Christians, the scam has been running successfully for two millenia, and most Christians believe that their goofy beliefs are true.

    The Scientologists, however, are quite likely to be damaged by bad publicity, and they know it.  There aren’t that many of them, the operation has only been going a few decades, and I bet that the top S-holes know quite well that it’s all a crock.  But it’s quite a profitable crock- there’s lots of money to be made, or lost, so naturally they’re litigious- their ship will sink if they don’t zealously patch the holes.

    I’m not a gambling man, but I will hazard a prediction:  the Church of Scientology, despite all its efforts to preserve itself, will soon (within, say, ten or twenty years) succumb to its bad rap and laughable beliefs, and go the way of EST.

  6. i have to admit, when i first tried to watch this on YTMND, before this was posted, i thought it was a screamer. you’ve gotta be wary of anything on those sites. XD

    but yeah, scaaaary. i’ve never liked scientologists, because i hate tom cruise. now i don’t like them because they’re creepy.

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