The Onion: Critics Blast Al Gore’s Documentary As ‘Realistic.’

Man, I love The Onion. For a fake newspaper they often come disturbingly close to the truth:

“I found it difficult to suspend my disbelief in man-made climate change for the first half-hour—and utterly impossible after that—which makes for a movie-going experience that’s far more educational than it is enjoyable,” said New York Post film critic Skip Hack. “Gore’s film overwhelms viewers with staggering amounts of scientific information until nothing about global warming is left to the imagination, and that’s just not good entertainment. Two stars.”

I’ve not see the film yet, but I’m buoyed to hear reports that it’s doing very well despite its limited release. As of this past weekend it’s currently holding at #9 according to Box Office Mojo’s rankings, which is quite impressive seeing as it’s only showing in 77 theaters at the moment. Compare that to the number 1 movie, The Break-Up, which is running in 3,070 theaters. It’s even more impressive when you compare the average take per theater for each movie as well. An Inconvenient Truth is averaging $17,615 per theater compared to The Break-Up‘s $12,759.

Hopefully this means it’ll get a wider release soon as it’s not currently showing here in the Detroit area.

3 thoughts on “The Onion: Critics Blast Al Gore’s Documentary As ‘Realistic.’

  1. “The real world?  Global warming, warfare, pollution, extinction.  A bummer- two stars”.

  2. Conspicuous absence of any mention of this film on the right-wing/libertarian sites I read.  Odd.  They should be foaming at the mouth condemning it by now.

  3. They’ve added a few more theaters in Michigan.  June 16th it starts showing at the Great Lakes Crossing Star, and at the Forum 30 in Sterling Heights.

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