SEB Wiki link now in the sidebar.

Awhile back DOF asked me to add a link to the Stupid Evil Wiki on the main page and I’ve finally gotten around to doing so. It’s in the side bar along with the other local links to SEB Reviews and such. When I redesign the site I plan to make it more prominent along the top of the page along with several other links that should improve navigation. Assuming I can come up with a final design I like.

5 thoughts on “SEB Wiki link now in the sidebar.

  1. Nice tool, Les.  Can anyone contribute?  Are entries vetted?  I can think of a few things I’d like to post.

  2. The only limitation on who can contribute is you have to be a registered member. Beyond that anyone can contribute. I don’t have any moderation in place at the moment, but it does have the option to moderate entries and I can even designate members to fill such a role if folks feel the need to have such things.

    From what I can see it’s a pretty basic wiki and may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the dedicated packages, but for an add-on to EE it’s not bad at all.

  3. I understood if you searched for an entry that isn’t there you get the option of creating it.  I did so in the box below ‘Create’ etc, but get the home page.

    I am logged in.

    Am I logging wrong, misunderstanding or is it AOL again? (it does work in the main Wiki on the net)

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