Put the image of Jesus on your own food with the amazing Jesus Pan!

Are you jealous of all those other people who manage to find images of Jesus Christ in all manner of everyday objects ranging from water stains and trees to their french toast breakfast? Well now you can find the image of Jesus on everything you cook just by using the amazing new Jesus Pan! For only $29.99 you get two pans that have had an image of your personal savior etched into the steel so that when you make your delicious grilled cheese sandwiches or hamburgers you’ll sear an image of Christ onto the surface that’s actually more recognizable than many of the self-portraits Jesus himself has attempted in the past. No longer must you sit back and feel dejected simply because you covet your neighbor’s ability at finding Jesus’ hidden artworks. Below is a screenshot of the actual website. Click it to embiggen.

Note: I have no idea if this is a real product, scam, or just a joke, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it were legit.

9 thoughts on “Put the image of Jesus on your own food with the amazing Jesus Pan!

  1. This is a good idea.

    I’ve often advocated the demarcation of of food’s theological origin.  I, like many Jews, generally try to avoid food stuffs prepared by goyim.  Likewise, Muslims do too.  (Christians will eat anything.)  Such a device, like this jesus-pan-fry could help avoid these dietary faux-pas.  Although, i’d rather see these pans made with Crosses, Stars, and Crescents.

    Know where you food came from, theologically.

  2. With a little ingenuity you could make a “Mary” frypan and then sell grilled cheese sandwhiches with the likeness of mary in the bread on E-bay.  Or perhaps t Robertson would let you sell it on his website.  you could get photos of Pat eating your grilled cheese between 2000lb presses.

  3. It’s a real product that used an eBay scam to get initial publicity. Apparently the guy who invented the thing made a pancake with it and put it up on eBay, then pulled it when it got up to $15,000. Later statements made it pretty clear the eBay thing was a marketing ploy.


  4. He actually pulled the auction!??!

    Besides lotto/scratch-tickets, i can’t think of a better voluntary-stupidity-identity tax/revenue-harvester than this widget.

    We need more ways to gather resources from those humans who, clearly, need less encouragement to thrive and replicate.  Allowing them to keep such dollars is morally deplorable and only encourages them to replicate.

  5. I suppose it’s too much to be hoped that products like this will make some people think twice about the silliness of seeing Jesus in every mud puddle…

  6. I want to know when the Mohammed Pan will be available. Surely, that will be a best seller!

  7. Tony: I want to know when the Mohammed Pan will be available.

    Don’t you know that any depiction of the prophet is punishable by death?
    Tony, you’d better watch it mate.
    They’ll stick a fuckin jihad onya just for thinking such blasphemy, let alone writing it. LOL

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