People already lining up outside Michigan’s new Ikea store.

If you’ve been around SEB for awhile you may recall me mentioning that an Ikea store was being opened in Canton, Michigan where I used to live and where I hope to return later this summer. Well the construction is done and the store is due to open this Wednesday. Amazingly enough there are already 50 people in line as of today:

By midday, the port-a-potties had arrived and a local company sent over about 30 pizzas to feed the crowd, he said. Ikea was passing out water and Swedish candy.
The Swedish retailer creates buzz for its grand openings by offering free stuff. And for the Canton opening, the winnings are:
– The first 100 people in line will receive a free Poäng armchair, a curved wooden sling chain that gently rocks and sells for $79.
– The first 100 children in line under 18 receive a heart-shaped cushion.
– The first 5,000 people that visit the store will receive envelopes with vouchers for gift cards ranging from $10 to $250 or food.
– And from June 7 to 11 all visitors can enter a drawing for one of 10 $1,000 Ikea gift cards.

It seems some folks thought the freebies would be bigger, but seeing as they’re already there they plan to stick it out. Now I admit I was enthusiastic to hear about Ikea coming to my (then) town, but the idea of camping out in anticipation of it’s opening never entered into my head. I could probably have taken the time off if I really wanted to, but I’d rather not lose the hours from my paycheck. I’ll probably make a point of stopping by the new store sometime in the next couple of weeks and I’ll probably blog about it when I get home.

17 thoughts on “People already lining up outside Michigan’s new Ikea store.

  1. They announced those freebies a month in advance. So anyone waiting in line who thought otherwise just made the huge mistake of not doing their research.

  2. Ahhh- Ikea.  Home to the unlikely named furniture.  Who names a a sideboard ‘Billy’?  Our dinner plates are ‘Dinera’.  I do not believe the swedish for Dinner is any thing like than.  And the ‘Aisle of inevitable purchases’. Careful Les, especially if taking Mrs Les.  You’ll walk through going- ‘oh thats only a quid- have one of them. Oh thats cheap.’  In the end you spend £30-50, even though you only went for a quick look round. Plus the only space on the warehouse shelves are the only item you wanted. You then have to ask for something unlikely sounding to an oik who you get the feeling is sniggering at the name.  ‘Sorry mate, no Poang in’

    My mate prefers the Milton Keynes store- he buys less crap than at the Neasden Ikea. 

    However you can get Breakfast for £1, lunch of meatballs and mash for £4.  Plus they offer you stubby pencils in little holders all the way round- I scored 10 last time.

    I liked this link…


  3. I love Ikea, and sorely miss it here in Colorado.  We visited one back in California over the holidays, and had a blast.  Plenty of cheap Eurotrinkets, and a great way to decorate in a relatively inexpensive (though not always) manner.

  4. I dig Ikea, too. I’ve been a fan for eight years, when my grandmother and I traveled to Sweden and visited the company headquarters in her hometown.

    The company has a rich, interesting history. More recently, anyone with a cursory knowledge of German should appreciate the Gutvik bunk beds marketing disaster. LOL

  5. At last a way to fight Global Capitalism.  Invent new slang.

    ‘Boy- he’s a raging walmart’.
    ‘Yeah, he’s got loads of battery operated halliburtons’.

    Did you see the size of her cheneys. Love to do her sweet rumsfeld’

  6. I got laid in an Ikea once. Right in one of those model bedrooms.

      Thats just boasting now, you show off.

    Ar you sure she came- that screaming could have just been the catalogue…

  7. No screaming, mate, the store was still open. She had my belt in her mouth to quiet things down a bit and she damn near bit clean through it……..

  8. She had my belt in her mouth to quiet things down a bit and she damn near bit clean through it……..

    That reminds me of my first time, when the guy’s hand was laying over my mouth, and I made his fingers bleed. snake

  9. Didn’t those people know the store would be open for more than one day.

    I just wish the local news would stop doing long advertisements for Ikea and calling them reports.  Nothing important happening in Michigan, I guess.

  10. Detroit Free Press: Audrey Seilheimer, a 28 year-old mother and professional photographer from Canton, was the first in line at 8 p.m. Sunday.

    Dunno how they do it.
    I just HATE lining up for anything.
    Over $1000 guaranteed? I might.
    I’m often one of those arse’oles that just goes to the front of the line.
    It pisses some people off. LOL

  11. You can make me bleed anytime, Sadie…..
    With pleasure, good sir.

    Get a model bedroom, you two. tongue rolleye
    About Gutvik- well, it would be pronounced like “gutfick” in German, which is “goodfuck”- sort of .  But it’s not grammatical.  “A good fuck” should be “ein guter Fick”.  And “Gutfick” is a perfectly acceptable family name in German, as is “Ficker” (“fucker”), although dirty minds find them funny.  BTW, here in Austria it’s only the Germans who “fick”.  Austrians “bums”.

    We have Ikea here too of course.  It’s a good source for well-designed inexpensive furniture.  As Hussar said, the food is cheap- and it’s pretty tasty.

  12. NO worries about SEB and I spending too much cash on our first look-see trip to Ikea.  We gots “nadda” to spend on what we do need, let alone allowing oursleves to buy anything else outside that needs list, at the moment.  I think however, we have enough to allow SEB some sweetish meatballs while visitig Ikea. Plain and simply, the first time we go: we buy nothing.

  13. Careful Zilch.  Laughed out loud when I saw a Wankerstrauss in Austria.

    In the Mid-Eighties My brother and I (mid teens back then), couldn’t believe Mork and Mindy’s landlord was Mr Wanker.

    Never found out his first name but I understand ‘Randy’ is a perfectly acceptable name over there, and C&W singers can’t understand why we snigger at ‘Hi, I’m Randy’

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