More server issues this morning.

Not sure why, but it appears SEB’s webserver has been crashing throughout the early morning hours. I restarted the VPS around 7:30AM to see if it would help clear things up and response seems to have improved a little, but it may be choppy for a bit longer. Bear with us, we’re hitting it with a hammer repeatedly in hopes something will snap back into place and start working properly.

1 thought on “More server issues this morning.

  1. Les: … we’re hitting it with a hammer …

    Yeah, well, you were off line for most of My day. 
    I’ve been a great proponent of shock maintenance most of my life – when all else fails, hit it and hit it hard! I’m glad it worked for U2.
    I just slammed an empty into the bin, off the stove.
    The torch, with the dead batteries (attached to the stove magnetically), turned itself on.
    Shock maintenance works 4me2. LOL

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