Left Behind?  More like spy behind.

As if the very notion of a “Left Behind” video game wasn’t abhorrent enough, it has now been revealed that the game will install spyware on your computer.

… on one of the Times Square digital billboards, there’s a mesmerizing video clip playing. It’s a promo for a PG-13 movie. The graphics are wicked good: flash video with radio sound. And it’s stupid funny. Your voice cracks as you laugh at the video billboard playing in Times Square above the gigantamongous pile of bloodless, dead New Yorkers. You watch the video play through its 15-second loop, unaware that this in-game ad is also watching you.

1 thought on “Left Behind?  More like spy behind.

  1. Well duh. Of COURSE they are watching you, how else are they supposed to know who to shoot and who to arm when they decide it is time to cleanse the country?

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