Jack Thompson continues to spew bullshit whenever he opens his mouth.

Look out! You’re talking with a dangerous video game player! I could snap and shoot you in the face at any second! Never mind that I don’t own a gun and the few times I have handled a real one it was only ever pointed at harmless paper targets. I’m a gamer, that makes me dangerous according to idiot attorney Jack Thompson. Seems some teenager got mad at someone who refused to let him borrow a car so he beat the guy and then shot him in the face. Thompson, always on the lookout for ways to get his name in the media, urged the local police to seize the teen’s video game collection offering up the following bit of nonsense as justification:

“Nobody shoots anybody in the face unless you’re a hit man or a video gamer,” Thompson said, adding that the apparent repeated “pummeling” of the victim is consistent with scenes in violent video games.

I guess that must mean that VP Dick Cheney is either a hit man or a video gamer, eh?

5 thoughts on “Jack Thompson continues to spew bullshit whenever he opens his mouth.

  1. I assume this Penny Arcade strip is referencing this guy, but I’m not sure, I’m too lazy to look up Jack Thompson on Google Images or read the commentary on the site…

  2. Fixed the link.

    That PA cartoon isn’t a direct reference to Thompson so much as the sensationalism some of the MSM have engaged in over the fact that the Sony PSP has been used to view porn.

    This PA comic is a direct reference to Jack Thompson, though.

  3. Whoops, that’s what I get for copying and pasting an address right out of the browers address bar.

  4. When I read the head-line that Jack Thompson is a bullshitter I thought, he’s an actor, of course he is.
    Then I realised y’all have one of your own.
    Of course ours is much more entertaining and, in the 70s, kept many amused conjuring pictures of: Thompson lived for a while in a ménage a trios with his now-wife Leona King, by whom he has a son, and her sister Bunkie. Though the living arrangement came to an end after several years, Thompson has no regrets, saying “I wouldn’t have missed it for quids.” grin

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