It’s the Summer Solstice 2006.

At least for those of us in the northern hemisphere of the planet, and it’s got me thinking about summer vacation and how I miss it so. That’s the one big problem with having a career is that we lose out on that near three month break we used to get every year that allowed us time to unwind and decompress before returning to school and going back to the daily grind. Truth be told I’ve not had a proper vacation in over 10 years as most of the time off I get from work is either A) holidays such as the upcoming July 4th or B) sick time. It doesn’t help that the companies I’ve worked for over the last decade pretty much made sick days and vacation days one and the same thing—called “personal days”—and you only get 2 weeks of them which I usually ended up using as sick days. The only time I get a full week off from work is over Christmas (only 179 days left till the next one, start shopping now!) and that doesn’t really count because I spend a good chunk of it running around doing last minute Christmasy things and visiting family and friends.

When I say proper vacation I mean one where you either kick back and don’t do anything productive for days at a time or you pack the family into the car and go someplace pointlessly amusing like Cedar Point or Disney World or even plain old Mackinac Island. I’ve been especially longing to visit Disney World again because I was 17 the last time I went with my family and they’ve opened two more theme parks since then, one of which is movie themed and I’ve always wanted to visit one of those.

Alas not only do I not have the vacation time to take such a vacation, but I don’t have the money to spend even if I had the time and I’m not likely to have much of either anytime soon. It’d still be nice to have three months to kick around and do nothing in particular with, but I suppose I’ll just have to enjoy the occasional day off for the holidays as they come along. You’d think that after being unemployed for 10 months I wouldn’t be thinking about vacations so soon, but that wasn’t much like a vacation either because instead of going places and having fun I sat at home and worried about how I was going to pay the bills.

All I got to say is if I ever manage to win the lottery I won’t be one of those guys who says he’s going to keep working at his old job. Not me, buddy. I’ll be outta there so fast it’ll be like I never worked there in the first place. I’ll probably call my boss from some island in the Bahamas to let him know I wouldn’t be in that day, or the next for that matter. Why? Cause I’ve got a bad case of Bahamaitis.

Update: The Bad Astronomy website points out that calling today the first day of summer is technically incorrect so allow me to revise my statement and say it’s the Summer Solstice for 2006! Yay!

3 thoughts on “It’s the Summer Solstice 2006.

  1. Huh I though my family was the only one that vacationed to Mackinac Island.

    Yea that summer break is certainly nice, until a genius like me decides to ruin it with classes and work tongue rolleye .

  2. Being retired has its upsides. Every day is a holiday and I love it.
    Never thinking I’d be alive at this age and always living for the day, finances are, although assured, limited but, how much money does one ‘need’.
    Good food, good beer and tobacco. Too easy.
    I’m never bored – usually busy enough to wonder how I fitted ‘work’ into my life. LOL

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