In honor of today’s date…

… I thought I’d make use of one of the template themes from last Halloween. Seemed appropriate. You may need to clear your browser cache to see it.

8 thoughts on “In honor of today’s date…

  1. Whoa, Les- I had just added a comment with around part of it, and I previewed it, and it was suddenly .  Chromopathological!

  2. Hey Les, great colour. I like Orange – very Dutch.
    You come up pretty well too. I like the veins all over your skull and the red and yellow eyes. LOL
    Why am I describing it like that? Coz I know people at a later date will wonder what the fuck I was talking about unless you leave it like this for all-time, which you prob’ly won’t. smile

  3. Whoa! I was totally shocked when I visited the site today. Funny, even though I had to think about why you would change the template. Funny!

  4. I love it, mann. Badddddassssss.

    Ave Satanas, Les.
    And I’m sad I couldn’t make it to Hell, MI today..Fucking lack of car.

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