Hell’s having a party on 6/6/06.

It’s a little known fact that Hell is right here in Michigan. I currently live pretty close to it and have visited it on a couple of occasions. Tomorrow is the infamous 666 date that has a lot of Christian-types all a jittery. The folks in Hell plan to make note of the unique date with a bit of a celebration:

The town of Hell is counting on revelers to show up this Tuesday, June 6, 2006, to celebrate the devilish calendar convergence of 6-6-6. According to local news reports, Hell’s mayor has loaded up his souvenir shop with 666 merchandise—t-shirts, coffee mugs—and stocked only 666 of each item.

There will be a costume competition and live music, and the town also promises to have the Gates of Hell operating over at the playground. While they’re hoping for fun-loving crowds, they don’t anticipate any more than the usual pecentage of devil worshippers and Satanists…

I’m thinking I may drop in on Hell tomorrow after work just to see what they’ve got going, but payday isn’t until Friday so I may have to give it a pass. Which is a shame as it’s not every day you can party in Hell.

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  1. Yeah I thought it was pretty funny that the little town of Hell, MI was on the front page of cnn.com for like 4 days.

  2. OK – here’s one for you. Some friends and I started a new band. We all love our new name suggested by the bass player: The Silver Tongued Devils.

    So we’ve been rehearsing all week getting ready. Our first gig is tomorrow night. Yesterday we realized the significance of ‘the Devil’s’ first night – 6/6/6. We lost our minds on that one. Couldn’t have planned it better, really. If the apocalypse comes tomorrow then we’ll be the soundtrack!

  3. Man it would be worth a trip there just to see if theres a cristian church with a ironic name.  You know, like first methodist church of hell or something.

  4. MD: … if there’s a cristian church with a ironic name.

    I wouldn’t a thought xian America would’ve allowed a place like Hell to exist. Wonder why the rad-xians haven’t burnt it to the ground yet.
    I like the tourists’ observations of Hell but they don’t mention a church there.
    Spent a half our Googling/reading about Hell.
    Interesting. No churches nor cemeteries; fuckall there at all really. 
    I woulda thought Hell’d be a good place fra xian church to do bizness or at least a cemetery to bury atheists.  LOL

  5. I love the idea they have of them selling inches of local land – “Own a piece of hell!”.

    If they have a webshop, they are gonna make a killing. If not, they are unlikely to have all that many drop in, I guess.

  6. Ing: I love the idea they have of them selling inches of local land – “Own a piece of hell!

  7. To say that Hell is a small town (population around 500+ or so) is like saying that Bill O’Reilly is a jerk. It’s an understatement of major proportions.

    Still, the folks in Hell look to be hosting more than the usual number of out-of-towners today. Local news reports are saying that folks from as far away as California and Ireland(!) are expected to be chillin’ in Hell today. They’ll find that ice cream cones—yes you can get ice cream in Hell—at Screams Ice Cream are going for 66 cents while the Damned Site Inn’s dinner special will cost $6.66.

    And, for those of you who mentioned it, they do in fact have an online shop, though it does appear to be broken at the moment. Probably too many people trying to use it at the moment.

  8. I don’t know the history of the town of Hell, in fact this is the first I’ve heard of it, but I would bet that it was named by Christians. I’m surprised there isn’t a church. I mean, more than anywhere, Hell sounds like a place where the residents don’t want to hear the good news.

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