Happy 39th Birthday Bill.

In memory of William Owen IV

Bill Owen, one of my best friends, would’ve been 39 years old today had he not been killed three years ago. Time is slowly healing this wound as is evidenced by the fact that I almost forgot to write this entry at all.

I’m taking the rest of the day off from blogging.

Update: In a small bit of irony today is also the day the settlement of the lawsuit Bill’s family filed against the city of Dearbon Michigan was made public:

A Wayne County Circuit jury last year ordered that Owen’s family be paid more than $20 million.

Dearborn and its insurer, AIG Insurance Co., appealed the damage order, saying there had been improper conduct in the trial.

“The family wanted desperately to put this matter behind them and get closure,” family lawyer Paul W. Broschay told The Associated Press on Thursday. “It was a horrible, senseless tragedy, and the family felt … it was best to move on and settle the case.”

“It’s more than the city wanted to pay, but it’s significantly less than the judgment,” said city lawyer Chip Boyle. “It was an unfortunate tragedy that happened, and the city was responsible for that because of their employee. The city is pleased with the result.”

Awarded $20 million and in the end they settled for $6 million of which the lawyers will eat around $2 million and the rest will be divided up among Bill’s family. It sounds like a lot, but I still worry about them. It’s not going to fill the hole, but does enable you to try with all manner of bad ideas. Here’s hoping they don’t succumb to that temptation.

8 thoughts on “Happy 39th Birthday Bill.

  1. Condolences on the loss of your friend. I’m a quiet reader, not a poster, so I’ll take this opportunity to also say that I really enjoy reading your posts. Thanks.

  2. My mate had a tiny traffic accident with a woman in a Volvo (her fault) yesterday.
    I just tried to extend that out to how I’d feel if he’d been killed.
    I can’t imagine the reality of the pain and frustration you must feel.

  3. You can get a pretty good idea of how I’ve felt by going through the archives. I wrote about it quite a bit back when it was happening. It’s pretty much what you’d expect. I think I have the eulogy I wrote for him on the site someplace as well. If you’re curious I have a small photo gallery that I put up in tribute to him.

  4. You’re right about the award not filling the hole caused by Bill’s senseless death, but there’s at least the small consolation that perhaps the city of Dearborn will be more careful in the future about their training procedures.

  5. Yes he was. We’d been friends since our teenage years and for most of that time he wasn’t particularly religious and I couldn’t have told you if he believed in a God or not. If he did it wasn’t a central part of his life.

    In the years just before his death he did become more religious in part because of the influence of his wife. It still wasn’t something he tended to talk about much, but we did have a few discussions on the topic of God and religious belief. I do know that he would have answered “yes” to the question.

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