Dutch Evangelists to hold round-the-clock “violent prayer” session today.

In an apparent attempt to prove that Dutch Evangelists can be just as batshit crazy as their American counterparts some 2000 of them plan to spend today in a round-the-clock prayer vigil to combat the unholy forces unleashed on 6/6/06!

Dutch evangelical Christians are to hold a round-the-clock prayer vigil to ward off the forces of evil on Tuesday – the so-called Devil’s Day.

They believe that the sixth day of the sixth month of 2006 has great significance for evil-doers and Satanists who revere the number 666.

In a bid to counteract the forces of evil, more than 2,000 Dutch Christians will hold “a violent day of worship”.

“666 is the number of the Devil and we know that on this date, Satanists will try and do many things, so we Christians try and do the opposite,” Mr Piet said.

“We know the Devil hates it when we worship God.”

Supposedly they’ll be joined by an untold number of additional people in 23 other countries all hoping to unseat the United States as King of the Batshit Crazy Evangelists title holder. I love the fact that they’re describing their effort as a “violent day of worship.” What the hell are they doing? Beating each other senseless as they pray?

I’d pay good money to watch that take place!

4 thoughts on “Dutch Evangelists to hold round-the-clock “violent prayer” session today.

  1. What do you bet they’ll succeed, and the world will not come to an end today?

  2. The world isn’t ending?  Aw Shit!  I guess I shouldn’t have take that short-term million dollar loan from Tony “the Fish!”

    Well, Honey… Guess,you will be going to work and we won’t be doing a one day fly by Disney World.

  3. Les: I’d pay good money to watch that take place!

    I wonder if you googled Dutch to find that excellent story. LOL
    See? Y’all don’t have a monopoly on fuckwits.
    And it’s 1am Tuesday here and nothing happened yesterday, the sky didn’t even go Orange, so I’m going to bed. grin

  4. Eh hee hee hee, I wish these people actually knew the significance of 666, it was originally a sort of riddle way of saying the name of one of the Roman Emperors…

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