Couple of amusing God related pictures.

I’ve had my digital camera with me in the car the last couple of days and as I’ve been tooling around going to and from work I’ve come across a couple of things promoting Christianity that I found somewhat amusing so I took pictures of them.

The first is a car that was stuck in front of me during some serious stop and go traffic (more stop than go it seemed) on the way into work the other morning. The owner of the car had a vanity license plate made up that could’ve been interpreted a couple of different ways. Here’s a snapshot of it through my dirty windshield. Click it for a bigger version:

The other one was a billboard promoting the Episcopalian denomination of Christianity that apparently thinks God is made out of diamonds…

I’m still not entirely sure what message that billboard is trying to get across between the text and the images it contains. Are they suggesting that the Baptist God is only temporary or that the Catholic God will expire after awhile? Are they suggesting that God is an attractive bald man who likes to make out with attractive young women? Maybe the woman is supposed to represent Mary and she’s laughing because God just told her he was going to knock her up and she thinks he can’t possibly be serious because she’s already married and the age difference between them is just astronomical anyways. Sure, she thinks to herself, he SAYS he’ll help support the baby, but he’ll probably turn his back on him when his kid needs him the most. No thanks!

4 thoughts on “Couple of amusing God related pictures.

  1. Les: Sure, she thinks to herself, he SAYS he’ll help support the baby, but he’ll probably turn his back on him when his kid needs him the most. No thanks!

    Jeez, you’re a funny bastard. LOL

    Zhyndra: Did you know that according to Ann Coulter

    So’s Annie … though, on a different level. LOL

  2. I’m an Episcopalian, too, and I’m not sure what the message is supposed to be.  That’s the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan website, fwiw.

    (I just realized that the EDOMI site links to a web page *I* designed for our parish on Episcopal vocabulary—forgive me, all, but I did it back then in FrontPage.  We’re replacing the whole site, I promise.)

    No diamonds in the picture, but it’s an oddly vague (and mixed) message.  Maybe …

    Ah.  Bless Google.

    If you go to the website listed on the billboard, and go through the I-usually-bypass-them Flash intro, you’ll see the whole EDOMI “My God Is …” campaign—which, according to this sniffily-disapproving blogger, is what you saw one of on this billboard (they’re also putting similar signs on busses).  It’s a case where seeing several of the ads will get the meaning across (God is a lot of different things to Episcopalians), but a single shot can be kind of confusing.  (The blogger in question is dubious about the whole campaign, and disapproves of one that says “My God is Mother” and another one that (gasp) strongly implies gay relationships while saying “My God is Love”).

    A bit more “My God is” campaign info can be found here.  Seen in whole, it’s kind of cool, though I dislike looooong Flash intros on websites and find the presentation there to be an odd blend of slogans and educational material.  And, as you note, if you only see one of them, the overall message doesn’t work at all.

    I do like the diocesan logo/shield, though.  A nice variation on the Episcopal standard.

  3. As to Ms. Coulter’s assessment of the Episcopal Church … I have no idea what she’s talking about.  I can imagine her asserting that it’s not Christian (by her own quaint theological standards), but, damn, we’ve got more “churchiness” (in terms of structure/organization, liturgy, tradition and history) than 90% of the denominations out there.

    Indeed, some folks find us *too* churchy.

    Of course, I rarely have any idea where Ms. Coulter comes up with her statements, so …

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