Act of God clauses…

I had an odd thought the other day about Acts of God and how they are often used to let insurance companies weasle out of paying up.

The thing that bothered me is that if you look at the Bible (source of all authorised information on God according to a lot of people who haven’t read it), acts of god have one thing in common. He always takes credit, he’s a self obsessed egomanic, so how can any modern “act of god” be classified an Act of God without the clouds parting and a weasily voice to say “It was ME!”.

4 thoughts on “Act of God clauses…

  1. Billy Connolly in The Man who Sued God, had his boat sink. The insurance company wouldn’t pay out coz they reckoned it was an act of god so Billy sues them and the church which prompted this quote:
    The church can only win if it proves God does not exist. grin

  2. Acts of God are not “often used to let insurance companies weasel out of paying.”  What does occur often is that a loss was caused by an uncovered cause.  If the cause of damage is not listed as a covered cause in the policy, well, it is neither God nor the insurance company that did anything to anybody.

    More often than not what happened in the cases is that: a deal was struck and a policy was sold which enumerated both sides rights and now one side wants to renegotatie the deal.

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