Woman discovers “sexorcisms” just an excuse for medium to screw her.

More fun with overly credulous dumb fucks:

The 41-year old woman, who sought the man’s help after he claimed to be able to heal her from her numerous ailments, was allegedly told that she had many evil spirits in her, the Star daily reported today.

The medium, who claims to be the reincarnation of a God, allegedly hypnotised her into having sex with him a total of 51 times over a period of six months.

The victim was also told to pay up to 50 ringgit ($A17) for each “exorcism” session.

The woman’s husband eventually discovered the sexual exorcism encounters and lodged a report with a local complaints bureau.

My cynical but optimistic side would like to believe that this was really a woman making use of a male prostitute who’s using this nonsense as a means of avoiding the wrath of an angry husband, but I fear she really is that stupid.

2 thoughts on “Woman discovers “sexorcisms” just an excuse for medium to screw her.

  1. Actually sounds like something I heard awhile back about the Rev. Moon (of the Moonies) performing “messianic cleansing” of female parishoners through sex.  He basically said he was the messiah, and only through doing the deed with him could women, who were “obviously” unclean become pure again.  I heard this was something he did when he was back in his native country (I think Korea maybe?).  Anyway, I’d confirm it if I wasn’t so damn lazy at the moment.

    In any event, I’m sure its not uncommon with the religious types.  Seem to recall somebody else like that in Waco Texas not too long ago…

  2. Also, read up on Rasputin’s life. And does anyone recall the preacher character from “Grapes Of Wraith” (I’m betting the author had heard stories which inspired that bit)? Interesting that the cock and bull stories are still netting a few la(d)ys, that is if this story is being truthfully portrayed.

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