What the fuck is China up to with my blogs?

Over the past week or two I’ve noticed some really strange activity showing up in my referrer log. Someone out there is hammering the hell out of SEB and the other blogs I host by jumping from one link to another inside the sites within mere seconds of each request from a variety of IP addresses such as and A lot of them are jumping from various entry pages to the index page for Jenkins Online, which is the base blog all the other blogs are hosted off of. It’s a bizarre pattern that doesn’t appear to have any purpose other than the possibility that they’re trying to suck down every page on the site. I did a WhoIs on the IP addresses and came up with CNCGROUP Beijing province network, which is how I know it’s someone in China.

As if that weren’t enough, around 3AM last night there was a lot of similar activity by someone at IP address which traces back to an American company: ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc. out of Dallas Texas. According to Whois that’s some form of web hosting provider. From at least 3:14AM last night (probably even earlier as that’s the oldest record I have on hand) until 3:39AM they sucked down some 104 pages of the site. What the hell are these people doing?

16 thoughts on “What the fuck is China up to with my blogs?

  1. So that’s why I haven’t had any hits today.  They’re busy pestering you.

    Actually I’ve only had a tiny handful of Chinese hits so far.  I assume I don’t mention China enough to attract Chinese attention.

  2. Sounds like a badly written spider.  I’ve seen that sort of behavior once before from some company based out of Texas.  I ended up banning their IP addresses, as otherwise their spider would have used up all my alloted bandwidth for the month.

  3. LES; What the hell are these people doing?

    Santana @ 5am is just to good to give a F..K. x

  4. The China traffic is common, as that could just be a PRC webspider trying to log your content for further review (probably so they can have cause to censor you). On the other hand, everyone knows PCs in China are favorite relays for DDoSers and spammers looking for sites/servers to exploit.

    ThePlanet.com though, that is odd. Possibly someone trying to see if you have any exploits open, or possibly one of their webspiders archiving your sites.

    Or maybe Pres. Bush has taken a keen interest in your site all of the sudden and is having one of his kids make every page of yours “Available Offline” 😀

  5. China is also an favorite for anonymous web proxies. I use them quite often for Limewire.

  6. You know what they’re doin’?
    Being fucking douches, thats what. We oughta head on over to China and whip them with the You-Just-Got-An-Atheist-Whippin! stick.

    (Which is totally nonexistant, but its a good idea, isn’t it?)
    **heads out to Pop’s toolshop and works on fashioning the aforementioned whipping stick..**

  7. Elwed, whichever route you think would be best to keep the pounding on the server to a minimum. That’s my only real concern.

  8. What… didn’t they come from some “Railway” office in Beijing or Shanghai?

    As curiosity firewall/router once blocked few contacts from addresses belonging to “Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Keyport (NUWCDK)” and “DoD Network Information Center”. wink

  9. I’d make a particularly good villain for 24 I would think. I’ve got the laughing maniacally part down pat.

  10. Random, stoner drive-by trivia:

    I’ve never watched 24 but my co-workers who do are all excited about the fact that the “CTU” is at the end of the street our office is on – that is, the stage they film it on, heh.  My buds are plotting ways to sneak on set LOL

    Yes, Les… you’d make a great villain!  BTW, I believe that maniacal laughter should be in everyone’s repertoire, IMO wink  Handy, handy tool, it is!

  11. As someone said, these are, usually, spiders gathering content for censor-review. They sometimes hire/purchase-from Western firms that sell such infoservices to org’s that need uptodate website sample-content for various purposes.

  12. Hmm lets see China…

    Brutal dictator state that invades neighbours, commits genocide on it own and other people, has lots of resources the US would like…

    Perhaps they are worried that Dubya is going to end the tyrannical muderous regime and install a democratic one where they are all free…

    Hold on

    Major market for US business ready to be exploited, and REALLY DOES have WMDs…

    Ah- that means most favoured nation status, and the Shrubs new best freinds (after the house of Saude).

    You can call me a cynic- but I don’t think you believe it.

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