TMBG has an NSA ringtone for your phone.

One of my favorite musical groups, They Might Be Giants, has started offering up ringtones for your cell phone and of the three listed my new favorite is the one titled “Call Connected Thru The NSA” that you can purchase for $1.50 through their website. They also make a link available to a free MP3 version of the song for DIY folks (consider the $1.50 a small fee to not have to convert it yourself). You can check out all three ringtones in the sidebar to the right.

Looks like TMBG is offering up all of their albums in non-DRMed MP3 format at their website for $.99 per song or $9.99 to download the whole album. Load it into your iPod or burn it to CD and start jamming. For those of you who prefer live performances they also offer up mostly unedited performances from their tours for download as well:

Welcome to the rich clam-tastic world of They Might Be Giants live shows. While most bands after twenty or so years or so settle for competent, controlled performances, They Might Be Giants will never compromise their semi-pro status-John, John, Dan, Danny and Marty live their live shows out on the rock’n’roll tightrope blindfolded without a net or, apparently, adequate rehearsal. The number of these recordings will grow and grow, and hopefully we’ll be able to release some vintage shows of interest. We recorded these shows using a mix of the board and the audience into a Digital Multi Track. What your getting is the whole show, warts and all, at the best quality we can do. It takes us about 2-3 days to get these up after the show, so check back then to see if the show you want has been posted.

As if that’s not enough if you sign up for their free email newsletter you gain access to many free MP3’s as a bonus!

Of course if you don’t like TMBG then all of this is moot, but for a fan like me it’s pretty sweet. Check it out.

Hat tip to Boing Boing for the heads up.


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